Ukrainian Soldiers Brought to Turkey in Prisoner Exchange Met with Their Families

The soldiers of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion, who were captured in the Russia-Ukraine war and later brought to Turkey through a prisoner exchange, met with their families. There were emotional moments between the families and the soldiers during the meeting.

While the war between Ukraine and Russia was going on, a prisoner exchange took place between the two countries in the past few days. According to the agreement, while 215 Ukrainian soldiers were released, Ukraine decided to extradite 55 Russian citizens and Viktor Medvedchuk together with the pro-Moscow Ukrainians. Among those released by Russia were the senior commanders of the Azov Battalion.


According to the agreement, senior Azov Battalion commanders will stay in Turkey until the war is over. In this context, the commanders in Turkey met with their families. During the meeting, the commanders experienced emotional moments when they hugged their loved ones. When the children of the soldiers saw their father in front of them, they ran to hug them.


Speaking about the deal, Zelenskiy said, “This is clearly a victory for our country and for the whole society. The important thing is that 215 families can see their loved ones safe and at home.” Zelensky also thanked President Erdogan and said to his soldiers, “We are proud of you all”.

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