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Ukrainian Diana’s Baby Will Be Named “Bayraktar”

Ukrainian Diana Dekhknova, who is preparing to hold her first baby in her arms, will name her son Bayraktar to thank the SİHAs that ensure the safety of Ukrainian women who had to give birth under Russian bombings.

Ukrainian Diana Dekhknova will name her child Bayraktar to show her gratitude to Selcuk Bayraktar, the manufacturer of SİHAs that changed the course of the Ukraine-Russia war. Diana, 27, stated that many boys born during the war in Ukraine were named Bayraktar and said, “A generation of boys in Ukraine are named Bayraktar.”


According to the news of Ziyneti Kocabiyik from the Turkish newspaper, Diana Dekhknova, who graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Department of Information and Records Management, came to Turkey 10 years ago by winning a scholarship. Influenced by the sincerity and warmth of the Turkish people, Diana chose to stay in our country. Dekhknova, who started to work as an honorary assistant consul of Ukraine, could not leave Turkey when she met her husband, Atilay Mayadag. The couple, who got married a while ago, are currently expecting a baby boy. Diana said that they will name their babies after Selcuk Bayraktar, the manufacturer of SİHAs, who played an active role in the Ukraine-Russia war, “Ukrainian women had to give birth under the sound of bombs and fire during the war. The Russians hit hospitals along with other civilian targets. However, when SİHAs stepped in, women began to give birth safely. There are hundreds of tiny Bayraktars in Ukraine who are opening their eyes to the world right now. I am proud of this situation. My son’s name will also be Bayraktar,” he said.


Diana’s wife, Mr. Atılay, actually graduated from aerospace engineering. He went to Australia when he could not find a field to work in his field in Turkey. But when he couldn’t hold on there because he was Turkish, he learned software. The biggest wish of Mr. Atilay, who is currently working as a software developer, is to have Selcuk Bayraktar recite the call to prayer and the name “Bayraktar” in his babies’ ears.


Explaining that she sees Turkey, where she has lived for ten years, as her second home, Diana said, “This country has taught me a lot. I got married, my child will be born in this country. When war and marriage issues arose and I had to quit my job. I can’t find a job right now because I’m pregnant. I’ll be a lot happier if I also have a job,” she said.


When the Ukrainian bride said that she would name her child Bayraktar, her mother-in-law said, “Wouldn’t you think of another name?” is proposing. But Diana reminds her of her son Atılay: Her mother, who visited Golcuk Naval Base when she was pregnant with Atilay, was impressed by the story of the Turkish assault submarine that sank there on 14 July 1942 after hitting a mine and killing 38 sailors. He named his son Atilay to keep the memory of the Atılay submarine alive. The fact that his bride chose the name of her grandson with a similar feeling also pleased Atilay Bey’s mother.

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