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Ubisoft Announces It Will Use Artificial Intelligence To write Stories In Games

Ubisoft has introduced a new artificial intelligence tool it claims to have developed to assist its screenwriters. The tool, called Ubisoft Ghostwriter, will be used for script and dialogue writing.

It was only a matter of time before artificial intelligence (AI) entered games, and a very short time ago, Ubisoft took a concrete step in this direction in its statement. Ubisoft, which we know from Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Ghost Recon series, will “make it easy” to create dialogue in games with an AI tool it has developed, thus helping screenwriters.

To be used in dialogues

This AI tool, called Ubisoft Ghostwriter, was created by Ubisoft La Forge, the company’s research and development arm. Ubisoft says that at least for now, only NPCs will use this tool in their dialog. Ghostwriter will not create a dialogue from scratch and will work with the scriptwriters to create more realistic NPC interactions by producing variations on a piece of dialogue, according to Ubisoft. It is understood from these statements of Ubisoft that the tool developed is not actually an “artificial intelligence” and is a “deep learning” tool.

“Ghostwriter was created hand in hand with teams of writers to help them complete a repetitive task more quickly and effectively, giving them more time and freedom to work on the games”, Ubisoft says in their Ghostwriter promotional video. Therefore, we can say that the main goal of Ubisoft is to save time for screenwriters. Thus, less time will be spent on the dialogues of hundreds of NPCs in the games, and more focus will be placed on the main story and missions.

We will probably see how effective the tool is in the future, but some screenwriters are already against such tools. Sony Santa Monica writer Alanah Pearce said, “As a writer, having to edit scenarios/dialogues generated by AI takes a lot more time than just writing my own ad-hoc lines. I prefer that AAA studios use the budget they spend on making tools like this to hire more writers.”


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