Twitter Character Limit Reached 10K: Now Articles Can Be Written

Twitter is transforming itself into a Substack competitor by increasing the character limit, while also adding bold and italic text formatting to a news platform.

Twitter Blue subscribers now have a maximum tweet length of 10,000 characters, and bold and italic text formatting. By increasing the character limit, Twitter makes itself a Substack competitor, and at the same time, with the increase in the character limit, it turns into a news portal.

Twitter Character Limit Increased to 10k

Twitter had increased the character limit from 280 to 4000 in February, when I passed for the Blue subscriber. After a few weeks, the character secret has been increased to ten thousand, while additional text formatting features have been added. So these changes appear to be designed to help Twitter compete with newsletter platforms like Substack.

Twitter seems to be on its way to becoming a “media” rather than a social media. Because, in addition to these recent additions, the Subscriptions feature was activated a short time ago. With subscriptions, a user was able to subscribe and access special content. These are good changes for content producers who would prefer to present content such as special newsletters or videos on Twitter.

But Twitter’s legacy as a short-form blogging platform isn’t something that can be easily left behind. While some creators have expressed interest in the new long-form features, many casual Twitter users are uninterested and reluctant to read long tweets. Data reported by The Information also shows that Twitter Blue is struggling to attract subscribers; The service’s global subscriber count is estimated at around 290,000: just 0.1 percent of the nearly 250 million daily active users Twitter reported last year.

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