Turksat 6A Satellite was launched into space: What Will It Do?

Turksat 6A Satellite was launched into space: What Will It Do?

Turkey’s first domestic and national communication satellite Turksat 6A’s space journey has officially begun. Here are the details!

The space adventure of Turksat 6A, Turkey’s first domestic and national communication satellite, began at 00:20 and SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket carried Turksat 6A into the sky. The launch took place from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, USA.

While the final preparations before the launch were carefully completed, this historic moment was celebrated with a launch ceremony to be held at Türksat Gölbaşı Campus.

Turksat 6A

Nearly Doubling the Population Reached by Satellites

Türksat 6A, which is Turkey’s largest R&D project, will operate in 42 degrees east orbit. As a communication satellite, Turksat 6A will be able to meet the satellite communication needs of the country in TV broadcasting services and with its wide coverage area.

Produced entirely domestically and nationally, Türksat 6A has a localization rate of over 80 percent, using 84 domestic equipment. The satellite, which has a launch mass of approximately 4.2 tons and a payload of 8.4 kW, will operate in a wide geographical area covering Turkey, Europe and South Asia after reaching its orbital position.

Türksat 6A, which will increase the population reached by Turkey’s satellites from 3.5 billion to 5 billion, is expected to take the development of space technology a significant step forward and strengthen the country’s presence in space.

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