Turkish ‘Space Command’ To Be Established

A 'Space Command' will be established within the Turkish Air Force Command.

Breaking News…The Ministry of National Defense has pressed the button for space, which operates in military fields by moving beyond functions such as surveillance and reconnaissance. The Space Command, which will be established within the Air Force Command of the Turkish Armed Forces, has officially started.

The proposal evaluation and approval process of the Space Command, which was established with the aim of harmonizing space activities carried out under NATO supervision and ensuring the coordination of Turkey’s civilian space authorities and military space activities, is currently underway.

Activities Are Expected To Start Within A Year

Speaking to the İhlas News Agency correspondent on the subject, Colonel Gökhan Gürakar, Commander of the Air and Space Force Development Center, called on young people to take part in the Space Command. The Space Command, which is planned to rise to the level of a regiment in the first phase, and to brigade and division levels in the following periods, is expected to start its activities within a year by making personnel assignments.

“We Have Started Our Work On Space Command”

Colonel Gökhan Gürakar, Commander of the Air and Space Power Development Center, made statements regarding the activities of the Space Command, saying: “When we look at the activities related to the Space Command, the importance of space has once again come to the fore after the Space Center opened by NATO in 2019 and the space center of excellence opened in France, and the definition of space as an area of operation. When we look at why space is used, it is used especially in the fields of intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance and IGK, but this is changing its importance day by day. The introduction of anti-ballistic missiles, electro-optical SAR satellites from space, as well as early warning systems have once again revealed the importance of space. Therefore, we have also initiated our work on the Space Command.”

“A decentralized structure was envisaged to become a leading and effective air force in its region”

Colonel Gürakar continued his speech as follows:

“When we look at our work in this context, we have made personnel planning in the manpower plan in the 2024, 2033 OYTEP, 10-Year Procurement Supply Plan. We have made our offers. These are also included in the 2024-2043 Turkish Armed Forces strategic target plan. These proposals are being evaluated. When they are realized, we will also establish the Space Command. When we look at our work on the Space Command, we examined the developments in the region, what is happening around us, we examined NATO, and we envisaged a decentralized structure, especially in order to be a leader in the region and an effective air force in our area of dominance. We decided that it should be managed from a single center. In this context, we prepared our plans and submitted them to the Ministry of National Defense.”

“We Welcome Young People To Join Us”

Stating that the Space Command will be established at regimental level, Colonel Gürakar said, “We are planning to establish the Space Command. Following this, there is a transition to Brigade and Division level. People are a great resource. In this context, we already have personnel who have been to Europe and worked on NATO projects, and we will use them. In case they are not sufficient, we plan to make the necessary revisions. In this context, we also plan to procure the plan of the Space Command, which will grow in the coming years, within the scope of MSB Personnel Procurement. We welcome valuable young people to join us.”

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