Turkish Language Association (TDK) Changed the Spelling of Many Words!

Turkish Language Association (TDK) Changed the Spelling of Many Words!

The Turkish Language Association (TDK) changed a number of words with the 12th edition of the Contemporary Turkish Dictionary. Here are the details!

The Turkish Language Association (TDK) can make changes in some words belonging to our language from time to time. The changes made today were announced to the public with the 12th issue of the Contemporary Turkish Dictionary.

Among the new changes, spelling changes of some frequently used words draw attention, while the name of a district has been changed.

While the name of the district named Doğubeyazıt was changed to Doğubayazıt with the new regulation, the question of Title or Title, the most controversial issue of recent years, became clear. The Turkish Language Association, which has accepted the spelling of titles until now, announced that this spelling has been changed to Title.

Turkish Language Association

Changed Words with the 12th Edition of the Contemporary Turkish Dictionary

  • Doğubeyazıt > Doğubayazıt
  • Marmara Ereğlisi > Marmaraereğlisi
  • Unvan > Ünvan
  • Çiğ börek > Çi börek
  • Horon vurmak > Horon tepmek
  • Yeşilzeytin > Yeşil zeytin
  • Yeşilsoğan > Yeşil soğan
  • Yeşilbiber > Yeşil biber
  • Akzambak > Ak zambak
  • Pilili > Pileli
  • Akça armudu > Akçaarmut
  • Yakan top > Yakantop
  • Kayyum > Kayyım
  • Sultan efendi > Sultanefendi
  • Boy bos > Boy pos
  • Yürük > Yörük

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