Turkish Gaming Ecosystem Growing Slightly

Turkish gaming companies have recently attracted great interest from foreign investors. Turkish gaming company Peak was purchased by world-famous American game company Zynga by 1.8 billion USD, so it’s one of the most important records of the history for gaming sector, however the interest of foreign investors in the gaming industry in Turkey is not limited with this. Previously they made important investments to Turkish gaming companies, and it’s expecting in the coming period in parallel with the increasing number of game developers in Turkey last five years. Turkish gaming industry has managed about to receive 2.4 billion USD investment from foreign investors.

Latest Developments on Turkish Gaming Economy

It is expected to exceed 400 million USD in 2020 which the total revenue of the gaming industry in Turkey. The size of mobile games, which have the largest market share in the industry, is expected to reach 174 million USD. In Turkey, there are 239 game developer companies as of 2020. On the other hand, the industry’s export figure exceeded 1 billion USD in 2018. It is predicted that this figure will exceed  1.5 billion USD by the end of 2020.

Why Are Foreign Investors Interested in the Turkish Game Industry?

The main reason to invest in Turkish companies is their approaching the team with passion to the game. Also, business ethic of companies is so important criteria for foreign investors. Turkish gaming industry, the other factors that make a successful published mobile games worldwide interested to see, to be directed towards the young professional in the gaming industry and some game companies is stated as a winning brand image world

Mobile Games Are Produced Faster Than Other Platforms

The majority of games developed in Turkey fall within the scope of mobile games. Especially, with the popularity of mobile games in the last 10 years, the growth in the Turkish game industry is gradually accelerating. Developing games for platforms such as computers and game consoles takes a long process. On the other hand, games developed for mobile platforms occur in a much shorter time with small teams.

Government Incentives are so Important

It is a fact that should not be ignored that the incentives given by the state in the past 5 years played a major role in the growth of gaming companies. It was the pioneer in its development. Founded in 2018 with the support of TÜBİTAK within İzmir EGE Teknopark, Ruby Games managed to become the developer of HunterAssassin, the most downloaded mobile game in the world in 2020, which reached approximately 270 million downloads worldwide.

The Success Stories of Turkish Game Companies Worldwide

Turkish gaming companies such as Peak Games, Gram Games and Masomo quickly created mobile games that achieved great worldwide popularity with low investment costs. This situation is highlighted as a key point in Turkey translated into the eyes of foreign investors. Turkey of turning into a global brand Peak at the point where the game industry today is considered to be a major influence. Games published for mobile platforms have the opportunity to reach the large market, that is, users in many parts of the world, as soon as they take their place in the stores. Almost all of their income comes from overseas game companies in Turkey. Because 99% of developed games are played by foreigners in Turkey.

Mobile Games are Important

Mobile games with a minimal interface, easy to play and generally accessed for free are the most relevant in the industry. While the revenue models of such mobile games are based on advertising, they are among the fastest growing category in the industry. Another important point that play a role in the success of games companies in Turkey is shown as the game developers an easy way to adapt to the game in this category. Turkish game developers in the industry who is successful in capturing this trend, foreign investors are seeing opportunities in Turkey.

Turkish Gaming Companies Offer High Standard Working Conditions

As game developers working in the human resources sector in Turkey are of high quality and is made up of qualified individuals. In addition, Turkish gaming companies aim to make the interest of this quality human resource sustainable by offering high standards of working conditions.

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