Turkish Game Company to Bring Indie Developers Games to Web3

Turkish Game Company to Bring Indie Developers Games to Web3

While the possibilities of blockchain technologies, which create a new economic model for game studios, developers and players, are expanding day by day, the number of projects for Web 3.0-oriented games has also increased. Estimates show that the blockchain gaming market will reach 117 billion dollars in 2028.

Concepts such as NFT, Web 3.0, metaverse, which emerged as a result of the developments in blockchain technology, brought a new dimension to the video game ecosystem. Interest in Web 3.0 game projects, which are developed using blockchain facilities and create their own closed-loop economic system, has also increased. While the data monitored by DappRadar, which prepares reports on decentralized platforms, shows that investments in Web 3.0 game projects have exceeded 1.84 billion since the beginning of the year, Emir Amad, founder and CEO of Unipoly Games, a technology company that develops and publishes games, and his co-founder Onurhan Aydoğan rolled up their sleeves to move the games developed by the studios to Web 3.0 environment with blockchain infrastructure and to realize a first in Turkey in this respect.


In the report prepared by IMARC Group, it was seen that the blockchain gaming market is expected to increase its value from 4.6 billion in 2022 to 117.5 billion dollars by 2028. It was noted that the increasing awareness of security and transparency in the gaming ecosystem thanks to blockchain technologies and NFT opportunities will shape the course of the market. Emir Emad, CEO of Unipoly Games, said that blockchain games work with distributed ledger technology, thus creating a secure financial ecosystem for both studios and developers, publishing companies and players, and said, “As in many sectors, it is possible to talk about a future that Web 3.0 will shape in the gaming industry. As Unipoly Games, we have been bringing the experience of developing and publishing casual and desktop games to Web 3.0-based games for 1 year. We will support local developers and game studios to move their games to Web 3.0 with our own blockchain infrastructure using the token we call Unipoly Coin.”

More than 2 million downloads

Noting that they have been focusing on Web 3.0 technologies for the last year while developing Web 2.0 and desktop-oriented games, Emir Emad said, “Our Raidfield 2 game, which we developed as Unipoly Games operating in Istanbul with 24 employees, reached more than 2 million downloads organically. The success of Raidfield 2 was followed by the success of our casual and desktop games such as Raidfield 3 and 6 Cube Mystery, which attracted attention with their unique scenarios and impressive experiences. Today, we continue to apply our expertise in Web 3.0 focus by using the blockchain we developed as Unipoly and its ecosystem token Unipoly Coin. Unipoly Coin, which also supports NFT architecture, allows players to convert their characters into NFTs and sell them on marketplaces. This not only increases their loyalty to games, but also supports the success of developers. On the other hand, we continue to work to add the games we have developed with the Unity 3D game engine to the games we will produce with the Unreal Engine very soon.”


“We support studios by working like an incubation center”

Emir Emad, CEO of Unipoly Games, stated that they also support the gaming ecosystem in Turkey as a publisher and developer, and concluded his evaluations with the following statements: “As Unipoly Games, we also act as an incubation center. We support all game studios that apply to us to strengthen their game production capacity and the quality of the games they produce, both in terms of design and software, as well as business model and finance. We believe that the gaming ecosystem in Turkey can produce works at international standards and write new success stories in the Web 3.0 era.”


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