Turkish Evacuation Plane Shot Down In Sudan!

The North African country of Sudan has been experiencing violent clashes for weeks.

In Sudan, one of the countries with the highest number of military coups in the world, the paramilitary force Rapid Support Forces (RSF) is fighting against the army.

In this context, the Ministry of National Defense announced that it would send an evacuation plane for Turkish citizens in Sudan.

That announcement was made with the following statements;

Our mission to evacuate our citizens trapped in Sudan, where clashes continue, continues. The first group of our citizens were safely brought to our country by Turkish Armed Forces aircrafts. Our evacuation operation will continue uninterruptedly until all our citizens are brought home

Attack On Turkish Evacuation Plane

As the evacuation was taking place, Reuters News Agency reported an attack on the Turkish evacuation plane.

Paramilitary force Rapid Support Forces shot down a Turkish evacuation plane at Wadi Seyidna Air Base.

The statement said the HDK opened fire on the Turkish evacuation plane during landing and damaged the refueling compartment.

According to Reuters, the plane was later reported to have landed safely, while the crew was also reported to have suffered injuries.

“Our Personnel Are Not Injured, But Necessary Checks Are Being Carried Out On Our Aircraft”

The Ministry of National Defense made its first announcement on the issue.

Confirming the attack, the Ministry of National Defense announced that no personnel were injured.

The following statements were used in that statement;

Our C-130 evacuation plane, which was on its way to Wadi Sayidna to evacuate our citizens trapped in Sudan, where clashes continue, was fired upon with small arms fire. Our aircraft landed safely. Our personnel were not injured and necessary checks are being carried out on our aircraft.

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