Turkish Engineers Produce And Export Power Electronics Systems With Local Facilities

The company, which manufactures electronic power conversion systems with domestic facilities in Tuzla, Istanbul, and has opened an R&D and innovation facility in Altınova, Yalova, contributes to the Turkish maritime industry and defense industry.

Founded 10 years ago by three engineers with the aim of reducing Turkey’s foreign dependence in the field of power electronics, the company started to produce high-tech systems needed by naval vessels and industry in its factory built in Tuzla with state support.

The company, which manufactures marine type UPS, chargers, transformers, panels, energy storage systems and various converters for the power electronics needs of ships, yachts and other marine vehicles built in shipyards, has been involved in the shore powering of ships, especially in important projects of the defense industry.

The company, which established an R&D and innovation facility in Yalova’s Altınova district and continues its production in Tuzla with 28 qualified technical personnel, uses completely domestic software developed by 4 Turkish engineers.

The company aims to become more visible in the international arena in this period when diesel generators are disappearing and clean energy converters come to the fore in the electricity supply of ports to ships.

The company, which has achieved 82 percent nationalization of static frequency converters, a strategic device especially in the defense industry, exports to the USA, Russia, Italy and Malta.

Mehmet Serdar Boran, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Seapower, told AA correspondent that they set out with the aim of introducing Turkish electrical and electronic systems to the world by responding to the needs of the sector in the world with production, R&D, domestic design in the field of electrical and power electronics systems, and a wide range of products.

Noting that they are making efforts to develop national technology and become a well-known company of Turkey abroad, Boran said, “We have been providing services for about 10 years in order to nationalize products that are not available in our country or to create an alternative to products with little competition. We aim to be among the leading companies in the world in the field of power electronics. We are still working in the defense industry of our country. Hopefully, we will take an active role in the international market.”

“Static Frequency Converters”, A Strategic Product That Energizes Ships From Shore

Murat Ali Tutar, a member of the company’s board of directors, said that static frequency converters are high-tech devices that supply electricity to ships from the shore.

Stating that this device is an R&D project accomplished by Turkish engineers, Tutar continued his words as follows:

“The important issue here is a facility established for the export-oriented operation of approximately 1.5 billion dollars worth of electronics imports. Our main goal is to increase Turkey’s export share in technology and reduce the import share. These devices are a product of this. A device made for the defense industry, static frequency converters. We have taken part in many defense industry projects, most recently the shore-based electricity supply works of the TCG Anadolu. The important thing for us here was to close a gap. In addition to companies with billion-dollar turnovers in the world, it is a facility with the investment incentive of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, with the support of the state.”

Tutar informed that approximately 50 people will be employed in the facility located on an area of 5 thousand square meters in Altınova.

Emphasizing that they take great pleasure in their work, Tutar said, “What makes us proud is that we have contributed to many defense industry projects, especially our national intelligence ship TCG Ufuk and the first national reis-type submarine projects. In future defense industry projects, especially in the TCG Anadolu and the future Foça Naval Base Project, our devices will be waiting there with great power. This is the greatest pride of us, Turkish engineers.”

Emre Çeri, the company’s technical service manager, stated that the system, which provides mobile energy when needed, transmits the energy that the normal electricity grid cannot provide with frequency converters.

Explaining that ships can operate without power cuts thanks to the converters, Çeri said:

“Ships of companies that do not have frequency converters on the shore are obliged to use generators after docking. Thanks to our device, they do not use the generator and do not release toxic emission gases into the air, and continue to operate with electricity. For example, the device we installed for TCG Anadolu is unique in Turkey. Power can be increased or decreased when desired. Our mobile system is also the same frequency converter. The feature of this system is plug and play, so when we send it to the user, he only needs to connect the input and output cables and operate the device. Since this device is a mobile system, when the ships dock at the shipyard, when one ship is finished, it can be placed on the other ship or on the dock. They can use this device anywhere.”

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