Turkish Engineer Produced 4 Million TL Device for 120 Thousand TL

Emre Bulat, a simulation engineer at Samsun University Flight Academy, developed the flight simulator, which was purchased from abroad for 4 million liras, at a cost of around 120 thousand liras for students with advanced pilot training.
The flight simulator of the Cessna 172 Skyhawk type trainer is designed to improve the experience of students holding a private pilot license at Samsun University Flight Academy in advanced instrument flight and night authorization training. Emre Bulat said that the idea of ​​making a simulator arose from the needs of the students. Emphasizing that there are certified simulators in their universities, but working in this is subject to an hourly fee, Bulat stated that they decided to make a simulator where students can work comfortably.


Explaining that they made the flight simulator of the software by combining the financial opportunities provided by the university with their own opportunities, Bulat said, “We can define this device as an application device for students to work during the instrument flight phase. Students can work here. Because they are not faced with the weather opposition, but the difference between day and night. No. They can come here and do their jobs for free, under whatever conditions they want.” said.


Pointing out that the simulator costs approximately 120 thousand liras, Bulat said, “We listened to the comments of the students during the design process and tried to make an ergonomic device that would give them the best efficiency. This flight simulator has it all. Situations such as bird strikes and lightning strikes on the plane. We completed the simulator in about a year. Six months passed with the design part. Then came the material procurement and creation process.” said.


Stating that HAVELSAN also makes simulators in Turkey and that the simulators used in flight schools are usually brought from abroad, Bulat said, “It is bought for 3-4 million liras from countries such as Russia and France. He sees the same process. The only difference of our simulator is that it is only for students.” he can’t write in his diary but he can practice here. He presents this to his teacher and becomes more successful in the exams. Our students increase their flight experience with this simulator.”

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