Turkey’s New UAV “Deli” Introduced

Turkey’s new kamikaze unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Deli, which continues to take important steps in the field of defense industry, has also been added to the inventory. Taking its name from the Deliler League, which was at the forefront of the war in the Ottoman Empire, and coming from above like a missile, Deli shatters the enemy where he falls.

‘Crazy’ was added to the kamikaze unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) developed within the Turkish defense industry. Deli, developed by Titra Teknoloji, was exhibited for the first time at SAHA EXPO organized by SAHA Istanbul. The Deli Tactical Kamikaze System will serve with a warhead with a high impact radius. With its autonomous and manual operational capabilities, Deli can be easily transported with its modular structure and is ready for use in less than 15 minutes. Deli, whose safety level has been increased with anti-jamming devices, can reach a cruising speed of 80 kilometers per hour and a maximum speed of 180 kilometers. Deli is preparing to enter the battlefield with a maximum altitude of 3,500 meters and an operational altitude of 150-500 meters.


Davut Yılmaz, General Manager of Titra Technology, said that Deli Project started about 2 years ago. Stating that they set out to develop a fixed-wing kamikaze UAV that can be launched manually or from a catapult, which is as cost-effective as possible, Yılmaz said that they have come to the end of the tests and that they aim to reach the level that can be included in the inventory by the end of the year.


Yılmaz made the following assessment regarding the progress of the project and the differences of Deli from similar products: “Deli can now stay in the air for more than 1 hour, 75 minutes, can travel up to 85 kilometers, has a warhead of around 3.1 kilograms. Developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE. warhead is a very important ammunition. We think that the Deli Project will be in a very good place in the world of its class. It has three main advantages. First, it is cost-effective. Because you have to use the kamikaze once, it is preferred that it is cheap because you will not use it twice. We also designed with this concept. Secondly, we think that the warhead will make Deli stand out a lot.
The third feature is its autonomy capability. Thanks to the algorithms we developed with its autonomy features, we think that Deli will make a big difference.”


Stating that Deli’s flight and diving tests are continuing and that they have reached the stage of blasting tests, Yılmaz said that they plan to complete these tests in a few months. Yılmaz informed that they exhibited a concept model instead of a real product due to concerns such as industrial espionage.


Davut Yılmaz also noted the following regarding the choice of the product’s name: “We were inspired by two places. First, it has an expansion, it is actually an abbreviation of the Low Cost Manually Throwable UAV. Secondly, it is an adaptation word from the Ottoman Empire. It is obviously from the Ottoman Empire. “It’s an adapted word. As you know, in the Ottoman Empire, there was the League of Crazy. The foremost fighting unit and the people, and we were inspired by it.”

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