Turkey’s Most Import Products and Countries

Turkey, despite the fact that significant achievements in recent years in the field of exporting live show major problems in this achievement in the field of import. In other words, imports in Turkey is more than exports. Foreign trade volume growing cause the main cause of this increase in imports is strictly Turkey.
The government, which wants to reduce the foreign trade deficit, offers various incentives for it. For example, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology is preparing to import the 1000 imported products, 1000 small and medium-sized businesses with matching project in 2018. The costs of these companies to design, research, develop and market the product will be covered by the state for once. the most open in the chemical and pharmaceutical foreign trade with these incentives, semiconductors, machinery, agriculture and food, intermediate goods in Turkey will be provided in the motor vehicle industry environment needed to be produced.
So Turkey will invest in this sector, domestic and foreign investors can say that about the various deals.

Turkey’s Most Import Products

Natural Gas and Oil
Turkey is a particularly important partner buys natural gas and oil from Russia and Iran. Industrial, agricultural and transportation such as oil and natural gas, which is indispensable in many sectors is among the most important import products in Turkey.

Automotive and spare parts imports also an important place in Turkey’s import. However, the automotive sector is one of the sectors that at least the foreign trade deficit in Turkey. In this case of many foreign automotive companies operating in Turkey it is effective to have a partnership with local investors. Turkey in particular Germany, France and Italy and imported cars and spare parts.

Electronic Devices
Electronic devices, communication tools and electronic products in Turkey mainly imports medical devices also occupies an important place. In particular, China, Germany, USA, France, Turkey and Italy are the countries where most imported electronic products.

Turkey’s Most Import Countries
As of 2017, Turkey’s most imports from 10 countries are as follows:

Turkey has made in 2017 to 23.3 billion in imports from China. Among the imported goods are data processing machines, electronic units, audio and visual pointing devices, toys and television receivers.

Turkey has made 21,3 billion in imports from Germany in 2017. Imported land vehicles, planes, medicines, chemicals, agricultural tools and medical supplies from Germany take up a great deal of space.

Russian Federation
Turkey has made 19,5 billion in imports from Russia in 2017. Much of this import is in the energy field. Because Turkey is the European Union after Russia’s largest oil and gas customers.

Turkey has made $ 12 billion in 2017 imports from the United States. Among the 12 billion dollars worth of imports, the products with the largest share are electronic devices, cotton, gold and air vehicles.

Turkey has made 11,3 billion in imports from Italy in 2017. This figure is spent on purchases made in the fields of automotive, electronics, telecommunication and textiles.

Turkey has made from France in 2017 $ 8 billion of imports. France Turkey largely on automobiles, aircraft and aircraft engines, sells pharmaceuticals and plastic raw materials.

Turkey has made 7.4 billion dollars in 2017, imports from Iran. These imports are largely made in the energy sector as natural gas and oil.

Turkey has made 6.8 billion dollars in 2017 imports from Switzerland. In recent years, the increase in imports from Switzerland has come to the forefront of automatic data processing systems, printing machinery and aircraft spare parts purchased in this country.

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