Turkey’s latest position in UEFA country rankings

Turkey’s latest position in UEFA country rankings

Of the 4 teams representing our country in Europe, 3 of them continue on their way. Adana Demirspor, on the other hand, bid farewell to the European Conference League for the first time in its history. After these results, Turkey’s ranking in the UEFA country score became a matter of curiosity. Here is the latest situation…

Turkey’s rise in the UEFA country score continues.
Following Galatasaray’s qualification in the UEFA Champions League, our representatives Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş also qualified in the UEFA European Conference League. Adana Demirspor, on the other hand, lost to Belgian team Genk in the penalty shootout and said goodbye to Europe.

After these results, the UEFA country points ranking has been updated.


After the results of our representatives, Turkey ranked 9th in the UEFA country points ranking. Turkey’s score is 32.600.


2 of the 5 representatives of Scotland, where we are one step ahead in the country points, have been eliminated and bid farewell to Europe. Celtic from Scotland will compete in the group stage of the Champions League. Glasgow Rangers will compete in the UEFA Europa League.

On the other hand, Hibernian and Hearts bid farewell to the UEFA European Conference League in the play-off round. Aberdeen, who competed in the Europa League play-off round, also qualified to play in the Conference League groups despite losing. With these results, Scotland continues on its way with 3 representatives.


If Turkey manages to finish the season in 10th place in UEFA country points, the Super League champion of the 2024/25 season will be able to directly qualify for the Champions League in the 2025/26 season.

UEFA country rankings

Here is the latest UEFA country points ranking:

  • 1- England: 89.178
  • 2- Spain: 75.989
  • 3- Italy: 71,712
  • 4- Germany: 69.767
  • 5- Netherlands: 55.100
  • 6- France: 52.331
  • 7- Portugal: 48.316
  • 8- Belgium: 38.600
  • 9- TURKEY: 32.600
  • 10- Scotland: 31,650
  • 11- Austria: 30.000
  • 12- Switzerland: 29.775
  • 13- Serbia: 27.375
  • 14: Denmark: 26.950
  • 15: Norway: 26.625

Turkey’s latest position in UEFA country rankings

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