Turkey’s First Hydrogen Bus on Gaziantep Roads!

Turkey’s First Hydrogen Bus on Gaziantep Roads!

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality organized a promotional program for Turkey’s first hydrogen bus produced by Karsan. After the presentation, the hydrogen bus was driven around the streets of Gaziantep.In Gaziantep, which was declared a “Green City” by the EBRD, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to invest in renewable energy. In order to protect the ecosystem and transfer it to future generations in a clean way, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to use Turkey’s first hydrogen bus in public transportation.At the presentation held in Station Square, Karsan’s domestic and national, zero-emission, environmentally friendly hydrogen-powered buses stand out with their high passenger capacity and comfort while traveling 500 kilometers in one tank. Unlike other vehicles, hydrogen buses emit water vapor from the exhaust as waste, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

Energy needed for fuel will be supplied from solar energy

The buses will be able to separate the hydrogen in water and use it as fuel, and will also be able to recharge themselves. The Metropolitan Municipality will meet the energy to be used to obtain hydrogen fuel from solar power plants. The Metropolitan Municipality will also complete the facility works for the creation and storage of hydrogen fuel.

Şahin Only water vapor, not pollutants, comes out of the exhaust

Speaking at the launch program, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin said that another dream has come true and thanked all those who contributed, especially Karsan, and said:

“The hydrogen bus is of great importance. Global warming is at its peak and especially climate change is the biggest agenda of the world. There is a great will to solve this problem in Turkey. The implementation of the laws enacted is entirely a matter of municipalism and the vision of our stakeholders in municipalism. When we first mentioned the hydrogen bus, people did not understand. Europe was switching to hydrogen buses. We immediately went and examined it on site. We went to Duisburg and Cologne, our sister cities. We examined the R&D part of the business. Solar energy cannot be stored, but hydrogen can. That’s why we need to diversify fuel as soon as possible. The buses run 500 kilometers on one tank and only water vapor comes out of the exhaust, not pollutants.”

Hydrogen Bus

If there is a domestic and national production, we will always prefer it

Mayor Fatma Şahin emphasized the need for continuous renewal as EBRD’s “Green City” and OECD’s “Champion City” and concluded her speech as follows: “We fulfill all our duties for smart and green transportation. When we start using renewable energy, costs decrease as the usage rates increase. Karsan is our local and national manufacturer. Our own manpower and brains are working. Therefore, if there is a domestic and national production, our preference is always in this direction. This city is a green and smart city. We will provide all kinds of support for green and smart transportation. We need to renew ourselves and adapt to the world. We need to provide a livable world for future generations and generations and keep our planet, our common home, clean. With hydrogen buses, we will reach the goal of Green City Gaziantep faster.”

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