Turkey Women’s Basketball Team Dropped 4 Points in FIBA ​​World Rankings

A National Women’s Basketball Team ranked 11th in the FIBA ​​world ranking.

According to the statement made on the FIBA ​​website, the world ranking has been updated after the 2022 FIBA ​​World Cup hosted by Sydney, Australia.

The national team, which fell 4 places in the ranking, took the 11th place with 445.4 points.

While the USA, which became the champion for the 11th time, 4th in a row in the history of the tournament, maintained its place at the top of the list, China, which played in the final, rose 5 places and became the second.

The top 10 countries in the FIBA ​​world rankings are as follows:

  1. USA – 848.8 points
  2. China – 676.5 points
  3. Australia – 668.3 points
  4. Spain – 661 points
  5. Canada – 648.9 points
  6. France – 632.8 points
  7. Belgium – 628.8 points
  8. Serbia – 579.2 points
  9. Japan – 578.9 points
  10. Puerto Rico – 476.6 points

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