Turkey to Search for Oil and Natural Gas Abroad

Turkey to Search for Oil and Natural Gas Abroad

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez stated that 97 percent of the pipeline that will carry Black Sea gas to land has been completed and announced that the first domestic gas will enter the kitchens at the end of March.

Answering questions about the energy agenda in a TV program he participated in, Minister Dönmez used the following statements:

“Especially in recent years, we have always strengthened our national transmission network infrastructure. Especially when we look at neighboring countries in terms of the European market, we have played an important role in strengthening the security of supply. These are projects such as TANAP and TurkStream. While strengthening our infrastructure, we have provided new resource inflows. With the Pipelines Turkish Petroleum Corporation, Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran. We buy natural gas from Turkey. Previously, these came as a single line, now we have increased the number and capacity of them. It comes from Iran with a single pipeline, yes, there was only Baku-Tbilisi-Tbilisi-Azerbaijan. There was a line from Erzurum, and TANAP was added lastly. TANAP carries gas both to Turkey and to Turkey. We are talking about a pipeline that goes all the way to Turkey, Europe and Italy Likewise, we are talking about a pipeline we bought from Russia via Ukraine-Romania-Bulgaria, which we call the western line, then there was the Blue Stream, from Samsun.

Oil and Natural Gas

“TurkAkim-2 Line Commissioned”

TurkAkim-2 line is now operational. One of them is directly connected to our national transmission system, and the other is the pipeline we call TurkAkim-2, a project that supplies gas to Europe via Bulgaria.

Not only that, we actually increased our LNG capacity and processing capacity. While there are only two LNG land terminals, one in İzmir and the other in Marmara Ereğlisi, we have commissioned two of our units, which we call FSRU, with gasification capability on board. One is in Hatay Dörtyol and the other in İzmir Aliağa. By the end of the year, the third will be completed in Saros, terminal operations there have been completed, of course, our negotiations with the FSRU ship continue. Again, if you do not have underground warehouses, you cannot maintain the balance of the system during the winter months when consumption is high. What did we do for this? Salt Lake was activated 3-4 years ago. We have a natural gas storage capacity of 1.2 billion cubic meters. We continue to work to increase the capacity there. We will increase our capacity there to 5.4 billion cubic meters in 2 years. We had an underground warehouse of approximately 3 billion cubic meters in Silivri and the work there is about to be completed. By the end of the year, we will increase our capacity there to 4.6 billion cubic meters.

Oil and Natural Gas

While we strengthen this infrastructure, Turkey is in a very strategic place not only to meet the demand in Turkey, but also in terms of its geopolitical location and geography, its proximity to the source countries and its proximity to the demanded countries, namely consumption points. . Now, we are not the only ones saying this, but the countries on the demand side, especially the neighboring countries, the source countries that supply us with natural gas are now expressing their intentions to put this strategy of Turkey into action. practice as soon as possible. The phrase gas center actually came from here.

Oil and Natural Gas

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