Turkey Runs to the Aid of Asia Baby and Those on Russia-Ukraine Border

The tension between Russia and Ukraine continues unabated. Health care needs are constantly increasing within the country and across the country. Turkey has sent a team of volunteers to care for the sick and injured in need.

Turkish and Ukrainian citizens, who set out from Ukraine, arrive at Romania’s Siret Border Gate after a journey that takes 35-40 hours from time to time by train and bus. After the passport procedures, they are welcomed by the Ministry of Health National Medical Rescue Team (UMKE) and undergo a health screening.

The Field Hospital, which was established by the Ministry of Health at the zero point of the Ukrainian border, provides service with a medical team of 10 people consisting of specialist doctors, emergency ambulance care technicians and emergency medical technicians, two UMKE emergency response vehicles and one UMKE off-road vehicle. Citizens whose examination and treatment needs are met are being sent to Turkey in a healthy way.

Yana Koval, who set out from Kiev and came to the border gate, was looking for a place to stay with her family of 7 people. They were taken to the Field Hospital by Red Cross volunteers. As a result of the controls, UMKE teams determined that the 7-month-old Asia baby had a high fever, and Yana Koval had an upper respiratory tract infection and cold. The teams that started the treatment of the mother and daughter stated that the family, who had to leave their home, would contact them again in case of need.

We wish a speedy recovery to all the sick and injured… What do you think about this tension between Russia and Ukraine?

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