“” Domain Name Sold to Foreigners: At A Extremely Low Price!

“” Domain Name Sold to Foreigners: At A Extremely Low Price!

While the “” domain name was sold to foreigners at a surprisingly low price, the main reason behind the sale was also a matter of curiosity. Here are the details!

The “” domain name was sold to foreigners for a surprisingly low price. Purchased by the Turkish Embassy in Washington in 1995, the domain name was recently sold to a foreign buyer for $15,759 .

The sale took place on the GoDaddy website on July 9, 2023 . The selling price of a domain name is considered relatively low given its importance as it consists of only one country name and does not contain repeated letters.

For comparison, it’s worth noting that people often pay exorbitant amounts, even up to $100,000, for customized domains with their names.

Why Was the Domain Name “” Sold?

Also, the “” sale represents the second highest transaction in the same day, as reported by GoDaddy, the platform where the sale took place. Interestingly, other domains listed for sale were more focused on optimizing search results on Google rather than bearing a country’s name.

Although there is no official statement regarding the sale, it is estimated that Turkey’s preference for Turkish domain names or alternative domain names such as “” is behind the failure to renew the “” domain name.

So what do you think about this sale? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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