Turkey Entered Northern Iraq

Turkish Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar announced that Turkish Forces entered Northern Iraq. Here are the details…

Making statements on the fight against terrorism, Minister Akar said that 16 terrorist shelters were destroyed with the air operation organized in Asos.

Turkey Made Air Attack to Northern Iraq

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar made important statements to journalists at the Şırnak City Meetings program within the scope of City Meetings Towards 2023.

Stating that the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) are destroying terrorist targets both at home and abroad, Minister Akar gave information about the activities carried out.

Stating that an air operation was carried out on September 27 in Asos, located approximately 140 kilometers from the Turkish border in northern Iraq, Minister Akar used the following statements in his statements:

“The scoundrels who could not stand in the mountains against Mehmetçik came to the provinces and districts. They covered everything in blood. They destroyed everything. Including Şırnak.

Turkey Entered Northern Iraq

“They Were Buried In The Pits They Dug By Mehmetçik”

They were involved in pit operations, then they were buried in the pits they dug by Mehmetçik. Then the treacherous coup attempt on July 15th. Despite this treacherous coup attempt, despite the fact that many traitors emerged among us, the Turkish Armed Forces was able to successfully carry out Operation Euphrates Shield only one month later.

“Wherever The Terrorist Is, There Is Our Target”

Then Olive Branch, then Peace Spring, then Spring Shield. While carrying out the operation, the terrorist has not gone away. Wherever the terrorist is, that is our target. We are going against them.

“We Are Going After Terrorists”

In doing so, we underline the following: We respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Iraq and Syria. Syrian citizens are our brothers, Iraqis are our brothers. We are after terrorists. After 2019, the Claw Operations started. We will not stop. Wherever the terrorists are, that is our target.

Hulusi Akar Northern Iraq

“Wherever it was said to be impenetrable, Mehmetçik entered and exited”

Just on the 27th, two days ago, the Turkish Armed Forces went 140 kilometers into Asos, hit 16 terrorist caves, bunkers and so-called command posts with great success, and this will continue.

Wherever it was said to be impenetrable before, Mehmetçik has entered and continues to clear it one by one like looking for a needle in a haystack.

“We Conduct All Our Activities Within The Framework Of International Law And Legitimacy”

In doing so, we have shown great care in both the planning and destruction phases in order not to harm civilian citizens, innocent people, historical sites, religious sites, cultural structures and the environment. We have shown and continue to show sensitivity in these matters that no other army can show. We conduct all our activities within the framework of international law and legitimacy. There is no land acquisition or occupation in any way. Our only concern is terrorists.”

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