“Trump Destroyed Objectionable Documents In The White House Toilet!”

The book about former US President Donald Trump, written by a journalist after talks with many names close to him, has been released today. In this book, which contains interesting information about Trump, there are also very strange claims about the White House period.

A new book that has been released has been on the agenda with interesting claims from the White House period of former US President Donald Trump. It was alleged that Trump tore up some official documents and threw them into the toilet while he was serving in the White House. In the book, it was noted that White House staff, who discovered that the toilet was periodically clogged with printed papers, believed that Trump flushed these papers down the toilet.

The book titled “Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America”, written by journalist Maggie Haberman about Trump, is published in the New York Times today.

The book, which Trump allegedly destroyed, sometimes by tearing up official documents in violation of the Presidential Records Act, contains information about the FBI raid on the President’s Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida. The book also points to the ongoing investigation into the alleged lost documents of the National Archives in the White House, which has been on the agenda for a long time.

The Presidential Records Act mandates that all official documents created or obtained by a president during his term are the property of the US government and to be handled by the US National Archives after the presidency has expired.


Haberman’s book also contains interesting notes on the 2020 Presidential election results.

In the book, Trump, who realizes that he will lose the elections against his rival Joe Biden, called the former Mayor of New York and his special lawyer Rudy Giuliani to his side and said, “Rudy, okay, you have the authority, do anything you want, including crazy things, I don’t care.” allegedly said.

Arguing that Trump’s request to reverse the election results, other lawyers, except Giuliani, did not accept it for fear of going too far, and Trump said, “My lawyers are terrible.” It is alleged that he complained.

In the book, it is also evaluated that Trump was looking for new lawyers because he thought that his advisers were deceived and that he was deeply involved in conspiracy theories at that time.


In the book, which also includes notes on the period when the former president caught the Covid-19 virus in October 2020, it is stated that Trump was afraid of death when his condition worsened.

In the book, it is recorded that Deputy Chief of Staff Tony Ornato at one point warned Trump that if his health deteriorated further, he would have to take action to ensure the continuity of the government.

It is also claimed that although Trump is afraid of death due to the virus, he is worried that coronavirus negatively affects his image and political motivations, and therefore he asks his aides to remove their masks.


Focusing mostly on the Trump presidency, the book also includes allegations about how the former president resisted rejection of white racists and wanted a drug-producing factory in Mexico to be bombed.

In the book, the first copy of which was announced last week, it was reflected in the headlines that Trump was considering dismissing his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, who were his chief advisers while he was serving in the White House, almost via Twitter.

It was recorded that John Kelly, who was the Chief of Staff of the White House at the time, blocked Trump from this act and asked for permission to talk to his daughter and son-in-law before such a post, and it was reported that this issue was not brought up again after that day.

It was also alleged that Trump often belittled and mocked his son-in-law Kushner, seeing him as “inefficient”.

Trump’s spokesman Taylor Budowich, on the other hand, described the book as “full of errors and boring” and said, “President Trump is focused on saving America and there is nothing he can do about fake news.” had used the phrase.

It is shared that Haberman interviewed more than 250 people, including Trump three times, and some of her aides and advisers, for his 607-page book.

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