Trillions of Kilograms of Water Trapped in Tiny Glass Spheres Detected on the Moon’s Surface!

Soil samples taken from the lunar surface revealed that there was a large amount of water trapped in tiny glass spheres.

China, which landed the Chang’e-4 spacecraft on the other side of the Moon, which we cannot see from Earth, on January 2, 2019, then launched the Chang’e-5 vehicle and managed to collect samples from the lunar surface.

The space capsule of China’s “Chang’e 5” exploration vehicle brought soil and stone samples collected from the Moon to Earth, and these samples were under investigation.

Researchers from a number of institutions, including China’s Nanjing University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, examined 150 particles from 50 micrometers (hair thickness) to 1 millimeter in diameter, selected from samples brought from the Moon.

Scientists examining the samples in question said that trillions of tons of water can be found scattered on the Moon’s surface in very small glass spheres, which are thought to have formed when meteorites hit the Moon’s surface.

The researchers noted that this could also be the answer to how 270 trillion kilograms of water could be found on the Moon’s surface.

Hejiu Hui, a researcher at Nanjing University, used the following statements in his statement on the subject:

We have found that hydrogen from the solar wind can penetrate the glass spheres, thereby creating new water reserves on the Moon. Since the glass spheres formed as a result of the impact are spread on the lunar surface in the lunar soil, they can fill with water and continue the water cycle on the lunar surface.

Stating that it would be helpful to understand how water is stored on the Moon, Hui noted that this information could one day guide lunar astronauts to potential sources that could one day be converted into drinking water and even rocket fuel, and that the water on the Moon could become usable as a result of simply heating glass spheres.

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