Train Accident That Killed 42 People In Greece

Train Accident That Killed 42 People In Greece

After the train accident in which 42 people lost their lives in Greece, the people took to the streets. Protests were held in the cities of Athens, Thessaloniki and Larisa over the tragedy that led to three days of national mourning in the country. The enraged crowd attacked the police with stones.

The sadness and anger caused by the train accident in which at least 42 people lost their lives in Greece continues. After the accident, the resignation statement of Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis was not enough to calm the reactions. Protests were held in 3 different cities in the country where 3 days of mourning were declared.


The protest, attended by about a thousand people in Athens, was held in front of the building where the Hellenic Train company’s offices are located. Some demonstrators threw stones at the windows of the building and at the police. Police responded with tear gas to the demonstrators.


The accident occurred as a result of a head-on collision between a high-speed passenger train and a freight train on the same line near the city of Larisa. The passenger train carrying around 350 people was traveling from Athens to Thessaloniki.

Train Accident


Due to the severity of the collision and the ensuing fire, some bodies are difficult to identify. The official death toll is expected to rise after forensic experts use DNA samples from the families of missing passengers.


A station chief was detained as part of the investigation into the accident. The prosecution will question the 59-year-old station chief and try to understand how two trains can travel many kilometers on the same line. It was stated that the station chief, who will be tried for causing death by negligence, could be sentenced to life imprisonment if found guilty.

Train Accident


However, rail unions say safety shortcomings on the Athens-Thessaloniki line have been known for years. In an open letter published last month, railroad workers said their road safety systems were inadequate and poorly maintained. Last year, a security chief left his post, warning that infrastructure improvements pending since 2016 are still not complete.

Train Accident


“Everything in this tragedy basically points to human error,” Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis said in a statement about the accident. Mitsotakis added that “this terrible train crash of unprecedented nature” will be thoroughly investigated.

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