Topkapi Palace Prepares For Ramadan

One of the most visited places in Istanbul during Ramadan is the Department of Sacred Relics in Topkapı Palace. There are currently preparations in this special place.

The Department of Sacred Relics, one of the most curious and visited sections of Topkapı Palace, is preparing for Ramadan. Detailed cleaning and maintenance work is being carried out on the artifacts exhibited in the Department of Relics

There are many important historical artifacts in the Department of Sacred Relics of the National Palaces in Fatih

The “Department of Sacred Relics”, which houses the belongings of prophets, caliphs and Companions, includes the Cardigan of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his beard, footprints, the case where the tooth broken in the Battle of Uhud was kept, his letters and his sword.

Preparing for Ramadan with works to be exhibited for the first time after a long time

For 507 years, the Department of Sacred Relics has been hosting the priceless relics of the Turkish and Islamic world.

Within the scope of the works, Has Oda’s carpet, tiles, silver oil lamps, censer and candlesticks, wooden window doors, cabinets and marble areas inside the niches are being cleaned.

The artifacts in the Department of Holy Relics can be visited between 09.00-17.00 every day except Tuesday

“The number of exhibited works increased from 60 to 300”

President Yıldız said, “In this new face of this place, the previous exhibition arrangement of this place was quite old due to the conditions brought by the years. Here, as you can see in your close-ups, a very special showcasing system was made. Because there are artifacts here that are several thousand years old. There are those that are very different from each other in terms of material. Of course, for the Islamic world, there are artifacts with both material and spiritual value, especially the Cardigan-i Sharif. A very special display arrangement was made to exhibit these and this showcasing system took us about 2 years. But we can say this very easily. The exhibition arrangement made here against all kinds of climatic conditions and all kinds of natural disasters contains a serious museological success. Also, after it was opened last year with the presence of our President, the number of artifacts exhibited here was increased from 60 to 300. This is very important because with this new exhibition layout, we have brought every work in our collection together with our visitors. This is very important because we have specialized visitors who are interested in each section of the visitors of the Sacred Relics separately. We have also made an arrangement for them,” he said.

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