Top 5 Ski Resorts in Turkey

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  • Ski Resorts in Turkey
  • Uludag Ski Center
  • Kartalkaya Ski Center
  • Palandoken Ski Center
  • Erciyes Ski Center
  • Kartepe Ski Center

When we talk about vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is the summer season. However, adrenaline enthusiasts, who are closely interested in skiing, manage to match the most beautiful holidays to the winter season every time. A ski holiday means both witnessing the harshest and most brutal states of nature and finding peace on the innocent snow cover resembling a cotton field. Here are the several ski resrots in Turkey.

Uludag Ski Center

When it comes to skiing, Uludağ comes to mind. The most comfortable hotels, the highest quality tracks, the highest service standards and naturally, the highest average price is in the Uludağ Ski Center, which reaches a height of 2500 meters. It is possible to state that the winter season, which started in December, continues until the end of March.

Kartalkaya Ski Center

Kartalkaya Ski Center is located 38 kilometers from Bolu city center.

Thanks to its location in the middle of Istanbul and Ankara; an ideal winter tourism destination for those who want to escape from metropolitan life.

Palandoken Ski Center

Erzurum, the star city of Eastern Anatolia, welcomes ski lovers in Palandoken accompanied by the famous cag kebab.

It is stated that the total length of the tracks in Palandoken Ski Center is 30 kilometers. There are training and equipment suitable for beginners, as well as extremely steep and challenging tracks suitable for professional skiers and mountaineers.

Erciyes Ski Center

Erciyes Mountain is one of the iconic symbols of this Central Anatolian city with its height of 4 thousand meters.

Erciyes, an old volcano, now retreats from the volcanic side, but offers different kinds of adventures on its snowy slopes.

Prices are very reasonable on the mountain where there are mostly 3-star accommodation facilities.

Kartepe Ski Center

Another address that stands out due to its proximity to Istanbul is Kocaeli’s famous Kartepe. As the name suggests, this summit has ideal snow depths for skiing.

Kartepe is also considered by luxury hotels as an ideal ski resort for investment.

In Kartepe, there are 3 chair lifts as well as a teleski. Apart from Kartepe, the peaks called Karlık Hill and Geyikalani Hill are also worth seeing.

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