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When you visit İzmir, there are many different options for shopping. Here are the top 5 shopping malls in İzmir.

Park Bornova Outlet Center

Park Bornova Outlet Center is a shopping center located in Bornova district of Izmir. It is the first shopping center of the Aegean Region. Park Bornova shopping center was first opened by EGS Holding on 29 March 1997 as EGS Park Bornova Shopping Center and in 2000 its name was changed to EGS Bornova Outlet. The mall was awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and 10002 customer satisfaction certification in 2011. Park Bornova is located in Doğanlar Neighborhood at the intersection of O-30 and O-5 highways and İzmir-Ankara highway. Park Bornova Outlet Center was a subsidiary of Ege Park Mavişehir Shopping Center before the bankruptcy of EGS.

Forum Bornova

Forum Bornova is the first open-air shopping mall of the Aegean Region and Izmir. It is an open-air shopping mall opened by Multi Turkmall in Bornova, Izmir on October 12, 2006. It is also the first completed project of the concept of forum shopping mall in Turkey. It was selected as one of the best shopping malls in Europe by ICSC in 2008 as one of the finalists of the European Shopping Mall Awards. It was established on an area of 200.000 m². It is located next to the Ege University hospital. Built according to the Aegean architecture, Forum Bornova has IKEA, Kipa, 123 stores and Cinemaximum cinemas with seven halls.

Konak Pier

Konak Pier is a building that was built in 1867 to be used as a customs building in Izmir. The project of the building is thought to have been drawn by the French architect and civil engineer Gustave Eiffel.

The building was built on a shore close to Konak Square. The building was built using the masonry stone method and covered with external plaster. Support system is used for the roof design. Although the building was previously used as a customs building, it was transformed into a fish in the 1960s and continued this function until 1987.

It was used as an office by ESHOT in the first half of the 1990s. With the restoration arrangements made between 1996-2002, Konak Pier gained its present appearance and function as a shopping center. The plan of the building can be seen as a combination of prismatic shapes. The long and rectangular section is the old restored section. The other section, which we can liken to a square, is the area that was added later, of steel construction and that houses the stores. The two sections bear similarities in interior design and roof type.

İzmir Optimum

İzmir Optimum is a shopping mall operating in İzmir’s Gaziemir district since 2012 and operated by Rönesans Holding. Established on an area of 235.000 m2 and having 250 stores, İzmir Optimum is the largest shopping mall in the Aegean Region. It is located on Adnan Menderes Airport and the İzmir-Aydın highway. The shopping center, which initially served with outlet stores, changed its concept with the completion of the € 105 million expense on March 31, 2017. ESBAŞ Train Station is located next to the shopping center. İzmir Optimum won Europe’s best shopping center award in the expansion / growth category at the 43rd European Shopping Center Awards organized by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) in 2018.

Ege Park Mavisehir Shopping Mall

Ege Park Mavişehir Shopping mall is a shopping mall located in the city of Izmir. It was opened as EGS Park Mavişehir Fashion and Shopping Center by EGS Holding in Mavişehir District of Karşıyaka district on 20 November 1999.

In the shopping center, activities are organized in cooperation with public institutions to raise awareness of the society with campaigns, exhibitions. In addition, the shopping mall has movie theaters operated by Cinemaximum chain of cinemas. There are shopping stores of many brands in the settlement consisting of 2 floors.

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