Toggs leaving the factory are waiting for their new owners

Toggs leaving the factory are waiting for their new owners

A large number of T10X model vehicles were displayed at the domestic electric car Togg’s centre in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul. The parked vehicles will be delivered to their owners in the near future. The number of deliveries, which is 1435 so far, is expected to be 20 thousand by the end of the year.

Toggs leaving the factory

Many Toggs waiting for their new owners were seen at the centre in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul.

Deliveries of Togg, Turkey’s domestic national born electric car, continue at full speed. T10X vehicles parked in Togg’s vehicle test drive and delivery store in Zeytinburnu attracted attention.

Toggs leaving the factory

Dozens of T10Xs lined up one after the other are waiting to be delivered to their owners determined by lot.

It was seen that there were more blue and black coloured models among the parked Toggs.

Toggs leaving the factory

In the information made by Togg in the past days, it was reported that the total deliveries reached 1435 and the market leader position of the vehicle in the electric C-Suv segment continued.

This figure was announced as 627 units only in July. Pre-orders for the Togg T10X were taken between 16-27 March. With pre-orders exceeding 100 thousand in 7 days, the number of smart devices to be delivered for 2023, which was previously announced as 12 thousand units, was updated as 20 thousand. 20 thousand people were also on the reserve list.

Toggs leaving the factory

On the other hand, with the accelerating Togg deliveries, T10X models are observed to increase in traffic in many cities in Turkey.

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