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One wonders the meaning and importance of the Canakkale Victory, which was written as a great epic in Turkish history and kept the Anatolian lands and the Straits under Turkish rule. Here is the meaning and importance of the 18 March Canakkale Victory, in which the Ottoman Empire was defending against the alliance of western states.

What Happened Today in History

The Dardanelles War is a war in which the Ottoman Empire was defending against the Allied Powers formed by the western states. In the Battle of Gallipoli, the Ottoman Empire wrote an epic as a whole nation. Naval battles were fought between 3 November 1914 and 18 March 1915. Between April 25, 1915 and January 9, 1916, land battles were fought on the Gallipoli peninsula.

The Entente powers aimed to seize the Dardanelles and Istanbul. With the passage of the Dardanelles to the Allies, they could easily provide all kinds of support to Russia. For this reason, the first attacks on the Dardanelles began in February 1915. The strongest attack was made on March 18, 1915. As a war strategy against these attacks, the enemy navy suffered heavy losses with the mines laid by the Ottoman Army in the strait. . With the sinking of the Nusret Minelayer, which was a very important beach for the Naval Forces, the Allies were defeated and had to give up the naval attack.

They continued their offensive by landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula on April 25, 1915. However, as a result of the great struggle of the Turkish nation with the Ottoman army, they suffered a great defeat. Having made a total of three land landings, the Allies withdrew from the Gallipoli Peninsula in December 1916 after the third defeat.

The Dardanelles War, which was a difficult war, is told as an epic in Turkish history. A great victory was achieved with a weaker army against the Allied Powers, which had a strong navy. It went down in history as the victory of the Turkish nation.


  • On March 18, 1915, the Allied fleets were defeated by the Ottoman army. Thus, the naval battle part of the Dardanelles War came to an end.
  • Land landings on the Gallipoli Peninsula were again eliminated with the great efforts of the Ottoman army. 19-20 On January 9, 1916, the Allied troops withdrawing from Anafartalar, Arıburnu and Seddülbahir suffered a great defeat.
  • The course of the First World War has changed. Contrary to the expectations of Western countries, it led to developments.
  • Tsarist Russia accelerated the collapse.
  • Caused a change of management in England.
  • Written as a great epic in Turkish history, it ensured that the Anatolian lands and the Bosphorus remained under Turkish rule.

Click to see the front where the 360-degree victory of Canakkale was written.

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