Three Important Investments are on the Way of Turkey

Many people from different countries of the world prefer investing in Turkey recently. There are a lot of important profit opportunities in all regions of Turkey. The country is one of the world’s fastest growing economy and has young population, its strategic location and with many more advantages continue to attract the attention of foreign investors.

As it  you know known, the most accurate investment is called the investment that provides the investor with the highest possible profit. To make a good investment in Turkey, you must first know the most profitable sectors. In a booming economy and health care system with Covidien-19 process that a successful test Turkey pandemic, particularly in recent times is considered as an indispensable country for foreign investors. Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST), precious metals, forex, logistics, health, tourism, digital services and real estate sectors foreign investors’ investments in Turkey come from areas where they are most direct.

At the last days of 2020, the increasing currency rate of USD, it’s expected to increase the amount of foreign investment to Turkey. However, the interest, expectations and approach of foreign investors are evaluated as positive. The appreciation of foreign currencies against the Turkish lira and the advantageous incentives offered by the state are seen as a great opportunity for foreign investors. On the other hand, reliable environment that allows foreign investment in Turkey with high success in the early result of measures taken during the coronavirus epidemic are encouraged to invest in Turkey. Foreign investors from abroad, sees Turkey as a reliable medium. In this respect, the three major foreign investment, according to reports received in recent days spoken is more towards Turkey.

Which fields take investment in Turkey?

Foreign investors’ interest in Turkey is increasing day by day. There are important incentives provided to foreign investors to Turkey. It was announced that preparations were started for the production of batteries for electric vehicles, and the establishment of three large facilities in electronics and automotive. It is also among the news that the foundation of the high capacity Petro-chemical refinery to be established in Adana Ceyhan will be laid in the summer of 2021.

According to the latest statements made by state officials, it is pointed out that a new era has started in the economy. Especially from foreign investors, rely on Turkey requesting new investments in the first answer the call for bulunuluyor.b calls to start coming in recent days, creating a pleasing environment. Three foreign companies begin to touch giant to invest in Turkey, the refinery will produce high-capacity Petro-chemical products at Ceyhan is expected to be taken during the summer months our temellerininönü. Foreign investment and employment Turkey is among the key goal in the coming period.

Barriers are Removing on Foreign Investments 

At the last times, the incentives of foreign investments started to provide by Turkish Government to foreign investors. Government officials are planning to get new demands, especially by meeting with multinational foreign investment firms, listening to the problems, demands, and what can be done for new investments in these meetings. Subsequently, it is predicted that new moves will be realized that will quickly complete the deficiencies and remove the obstacles to investments. In this way, the increase in production and therefore the spread of employment to the base will be thanks to foreign investments. Electronics giant Samsung wants to produce mobile phone and tablet in Turkey and is among the news came that the initiatives in this direction. In addition, the future of technology is one of the most important parts become the largest company producing batteries and charging units of electric cars is also known to share the idea of investing in Turkey with the Turkish side. On the other hand, it is said to still made attempts to establish factories in Turkey of an automobile company. It is expected that new investment demands will be added to these as of 2021.

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