This is how the Iran’s kamikaze drone hit Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine!

This is how the Iranian-made kamikaze drone hit Kiev, the capital of Ukraine! Shooting didn’t work

Russian forces hit the Ukrainian capital Kiev early this morning with an Iranian-made kamikaze drone. After the attack, as smoke rose from many buildings, a call was made to “Stay in the bunkers”. The moments of the attack were included in a video uploaded to the internet.

Tensions are high these days in the Russia-Ukraine war that has been going on since February 24. The Ukrainian army blew up the Crimean Bridge, which is of great importance for Russia. Russia, on the other hand, bombed the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, to take revenge. Dozens of people were killed or injured in the attacks on 10 October.

Iran's kamikaze


Kyiv started the day with the sound of bombs this morning. Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klichko said in a statement on his social media account that two separate explosions occurred in the capital’s Shevchensky district and said, “Many buildings are damaged. Crews are at the scene.”

CALL “Stay in the shelters” call made

As soon as Russia set fire to the streets of Kyiv with Iranian-provided kamikaze drones, Regional Military Administration President Oleksiy Kuleba urged the people to stay in shelters, taking into account the weather alarms.

Iran's kamikaze


On the other hand, in a video that went viral in a short time, there were moments when Russia hit Kiev with Iran’s kamikaze drones. While it is seen in the footage that the drones fell into a house and smoke rose from the building, according to the latest information, a woman in the house lost her life and 3 people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. It is also seen in the video that the Ukrainian army is trying to interfere with the drones hovering over the city with long-barreled weapons.

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