Things to be done by Foreigners to benefit from Health Services in Turkey

Some application procedures that the foreigners living in Turkey have to fulfil in order to benefit from general health services are available.

We have dealt with the specifics to be known by foreigners to benefit from health services rendered by state in Turkey for you.

Who can take advantage of General Health Insurance ?

  • The foreigners who have taken residence permit in Turkey,
  • The foreigners who have no insurance in country outside Turkey,
  • The foreigners who have been living in Turkey for a time longer than one year and make application following end of this duration can benefit from general health insurance.

Is it Mandatory for Foreign Persons to apply General Health Insurance?

No, foreign persons may apply general health insurance in the direction of their own desires.

Where foreign Persons should apply to benefit from General Health Insurance?

In order to lodge an application of general health insurance, foreign persons should go to the closest social security center personally. Social security centre exists nearly in each country of Turkey. The number of social security centre across the country is around 600.

What Certificates are needed to make an application to be benefited    from General Health Insurance for Foreign Persons ?

  • Certificate of residence permit,
  • Original copy of photocopy of the letter which shows social security situations in terms of general health insurance application, taken from labour attache’s Office or social security institution of respective foreign country,
  • Letter of undertaking form

From which Health Services can Foreign Persons benefit ?

Treatment of diseases excluding the chronic diseases present before date of being assumed as general health insured or dependent of general health insured is within the scope of general health insurance for foreign persons.

Can the dependent of Foreign Persons under General Health Insurance be benefited from General Health Insurance?

Except for those who study abroad, those who reside at home, not having insurance in Turkey or in another country of foreign persons,

  • Their spouses,
  • Their children who do not turn age 18,
  • Their children younger than 20 and not married in case they study in high school or equivalent institution,
  • Their children younger than 25 and not married in case they study in higher education,
  • their children whose disability is detected and not married regardless of their age,
  • their father and mother determined by the Institution that their subsistence is provided according to the criteria identified by foreign person can benefit from health services.

How do Persons making International Protection Application or having this status and recognized as Stateless have General Health Insurance?

The people who have international protection status or make application for international protection and   whose who have no social security after being recognized as stateless, no ability to pay can have general health insurance, applying Presidency of Immigration Authority, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Republic of Turkey in one month. Insurance Premium of these persons is met by institution.

Can Foreign Student benefit from General Health Insurance ?

Foreign students who study in Turkey can take advantage of general health insurance in the event that they request in 3 months by applying to the school they have enrolled without seeking the condition of 1 year residence. As regards the student who fails to apply in this period, no provisions of general health insurance are applied during their study.

What is the General Health Insurance Premium Ratio to be paid by Foreign Persons?

Premium ratio to be paid by foreign persons is 24% of minimum wage.

What is General Health Insurance Premium Ratio to be paid by Foreign Students?

The Premium ratio to be paid by foreign students is 4% of minimum wage. Premium difference emerged as a result of changes in minimum wage is paid to Institution till the last day of the month when change is started to be applied.

One year registration is made for students and payment of one year Premium amount is required.

Minimum wage change is made in January every year in Turkey and minimum wage shows increase at certain rate. Minimum wage determined for 2018 is 1603 TL.

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