They Transplanted the Nose that She Had Grown on Her Arm to Her Face!

In the operation carried out in France, the developed nose on the woman’s arm was surgically transplanted to her face. Thanks to the developing technology, the deformed nose was re-enlarged and transplanted. After many years of process, the health of the woman is very good.

In 2013, a patient from Toulouse, France, lost part of her nose after chemotherapy for cancer treatment. Despite reconstruction attempts and prosthetic failures, she lived without a nose for years. Thanks to the developing medical technologies, she got a new nose that she grew on her own arm.


A custom nose made of 3D biomaterial instead of cartilage was made for her and then implanted in her forearm.

Using a skin graft taken from his temple to cover the false nose, the appendage grew on her arm for two months before being transplanted into her face.


In September, ear, nose, and throat (ENT) and cervico-facial surgeons used microsurgery to connect blood vessels in the arm to vessels on the face and successfully transplanted the nose. Thanks to teams at Toulouse University Hospital and the Claudius Regaud Institute, the groundbreaking procedure was successful.

“She was hospitalized for 10 days and after three weeks of antibiotic treatment, the patient is doing very well,” paramedics told the Evening Standard.

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