They Made Love 11 Times Without a Break; One Died, Other Coma!

Oromidayo, a university student in Nigeria’s Apete region, and his girlfriend Alamide went to the student hostel where they were staying after the exams were postponed. The couple wanted to have sexual intercourse and used a drug that increases sexual power. The body of the duo, who had been together 11 times, could not stand this situation any longer. While Oromidayo died at the scene, his girlfriend was taken to intensive care because she had difficulty breathing.

There was an event in Nigeria that had wide repercussions in the world press. Oromidayo, who is studying civil engineering, had intercourse with his girlfriend Alamide 11 times without interruption, using a drug that increases sexual power after the exams were postponed. While Oromidayo passed away, his girlfriend went into a vegetative state.


After the duo did not leave their rooms for a long time, their student friends entered the room. His friends, who encountered Oromidayo’s lifeless body in the room, stated that Alamide was lying on the floor and had difficulty breathing. The eyewitness, who came across the horrific scene at the scene, said, “In my faculty, we were supposed to start the exams yesterday, but he and his girlfriend had returned to their hostel room as the school was closed due to the protests. When there was no sound for a long time, I got curious and went to their room.”


After the medical teams arrived at the scene, Alamide was taken to the hospital to be treated. It was stated that the condition of the woman, who continued her treatment in the intensive care unit, was critical.

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