The writer, who set out for pilgrimage by bicycle from France, is in Istanbul

Nabil Ennasri, a French writer of Moroccan origin, who set out from France to go on a pilgrimage by bicycle in order to draw attention to global warming, arrived in Istanbul.

Nabil Ennasri, 41, who wanted to go to Mecca by bicycle in order to draw attention to global warming and to keep Muslims alive on the month-long pilgrimage journey in history, set off from Paris on 22 April and reached Istanbul.

Nabil Ennasri was greeted with flowers by the students of the Quran course in front of Fatih Mosque.

Ennasri was accompanied by Fatih District Mufti Hüseyin Baş, who rode a bicycle in the courtyard of the mosque and greeted the children.

Stating that he will stay in Istanbul for 5 days, Ennasri said that he will continue his journey on Sunday.

Ennasri, who stated that he wanted to draw attention to the issue of protecting nature, which is important for future generations, said, “This situation stands as a great threat to us. The whole world is affected by global warming. Unfortunately, awareness on this issue is low. I think such journeys pay attention to issues such as global warming. My second goal in this journey is to understand what kind of difficulties people went on pilgrimage in ancient times, to understand their long journeys on foot.” used the phrase.

Ennasri stated that he loves Turkey, where he has visited many times before, and said, “Pray for me. I have traveled 3 thousand kilometers from Paris for now. I will continue to drive another 3 thousand kilometers. But it is worth it for this journey. Because the subject is very important. “We should pay attention and focus on this issue. In the Qur’an and in the hadiths of our Prophet, the issue of respect for nature and living things is addressed. All this shows that we should respect the environment and nature.” he said.

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