The World’s Top 10 Most Popular Brands! Google Lost First Place

Global survey company YouGov has announced the world’s top 10 brands. Keeping the first place in the lists for a long time, Google has left its place to a new player.

Global survey company YouGov announced the world’s top 10 brands as a result of research conducted in 38 markets. Based on a 12-month period through September 2022 and featuring a total of 380 brands, the ranking is based on multiple factors, including impressions, quality, value, satisfaction, and recommendations. Here are the prominent brands of 2022…

Google Lost the Lead

According to the shared list, Google, which has been at the top of the lists for a long time, including 2021, left its place to Samsung Electronics, which managed to get 127 points in the ranking. Thus, the South Korea-based giant, which ranked fourth in 2020 and second in 2021, was selected as the best brand of 2022.

Coming to the second place in the list with 106 points, Google is followed by Youtube (85 points), Netflix (59 points), Southeast Asian e-commerce company Shopee (51 points). The remaining five brands were Whatsapp (50 points), Toyota (41 points), Colgate (34 points), Mercedes-Benz (34 points) and Germany-based grocery chain Lidl (33 points).

In addition, if we make a small comparison with the top 10 rankings of last year, we can say that Amazon, Dettol, Adidas and Nike fell from the ranking, while Colgate, Lidl, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz rose to the top 10.

Top brands of 2022:

  • Samsung Electronics / 127 points
  • Google / 106 points
  • Youtube / 85 points
  • Netflix / 59 points
  • Shopee / 51 points
  • Whatsapp / 50 points
  • Toyota / 41 points
  • Colgate / 34 points
  • Mercedes-Benz / 34 points
  • Lidl / 33 points

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