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The World’s Most Populous Country Is No Longer China

According to UN estimates, the world’s most populous country is no longer China, but India. It is predicted that this will lead to great changes on a global scale.

The most populous country in the world is no longer China. According to the estimates of the United Nations (UN), as of yesterday, the population of India exceeded that of China. In contrast to the falling birth rates in China, which has been the ‘world’s most populous’ country for decades, the population in India has exploded in recent years.

According to UN data, India’s population will exceed an estimated 1 billion 429 million by the end of this year. Although the actual population in the country is not known exactly because the planned census in 2021 could not be made due to the pandemic, the population growth rate in the country in recent years shows that India has now become the most populated country in the world.


According to the news in Sputnik, it is estimated that the population of India has increased by 210 million, almost as much as the population of Brazil, since the last census 12 years ago, and approximately 1 million people have been added to the population every month since 2020. Despite falling fertility rates in India in recent years, there has been a population explosion. Official data show that the population of India will continue to increase, reaching 1.7 billion by 2064.

According to estimates, the population of China, which gave up its ‘one child’ policy due to the decreasing trend in population, declined to 1 billion 426 million. The country’s population fell in January for the first time since 1961, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics. International institutions also point out that the population gap between the world’s two most populated countries will gradually widen. Irfan Nooruddin, South Asia Director of the Washington-based think tank Atlantic Council, said, “The center of gravity of the world has been changing for a while, but this situation will only get stronger.”


It is stated that this situation will lead to significant changes in employment. The Wall Street Journal pointed out that giant companies such as Apple and Foxconn have recently started to turn to India by reducing production in China. It is emphasized that the 87 percent increase in the population over the age of 65 in China in the last 20 years and the decrease in the working population are effective in this change.

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