“The World Is Not Ready For The Next Epidemic”

“The world needs a well-funded system that is ready to act immediately when danger arises,” said tech billionaire Bill Gates.

Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft, drew attention with his statements about the coronavirus epidemic, which affected the whole world.

Gates used similar expressions while conveying his views on the future.

Again Corona Warning

Writing for the New York Times, “I’m worried we’ll make the same mistakes again,” Gates likened the start of a pandemic to “a small fire in the kitchen.”

“We must be ready to fight”

Gates said that it is necessary to be prepared to fight epidemics as well as be prepared to fight fires.

“If a fire gets out of control, it poses a threat not just to a home, but to the entire society. The same goes for infectious diseases. As we know very well from the coronavirus, an epidemic in a town can quickly spread throughout the country and then the world.

When the World Health Organization (WHO) first identified the coronavirus as a pandemic a little over three years ago, it was the culmination of its failure to collectively prepare for epidemics despite many warnings.”

“Not as much has been done against the next epidemic as I hoped”

“Pandemic is a trillion dollar problem”

Gates also stated that he is optimistic about a network called Global Health Emergency Alliances created by WHO and its partners, that this network of the world’s leading health emergency leaders will work together to prepare for the next ‌‌pandemic.

Emphasizing that a pandemic is a trillion-dollar problem, the American businessman underlined that easing this difficulty should not depend on volunteers.

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