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The world is in shock! Electronic commerce stopped in Shenzhen

Due to the increase in coronavirus cases in Shenzhen, one of the important industrial cities of China, the world’s largest electronic goods wholesale center was closed for 4 days.

The continuation of the coronavirus pandemic negatively affects the economy. In Shenzhen, one of China’s important industrial companies, measures were taken due to the high levels of the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic, which deeply affected the world economy, started to increase again in China. The Chinese administration began to take measures to limit the effects of the epidemic.

The world’s largest Electronics wholesale center in Shenzhen will therefore be closed for 4 days.


Huaqiangbei district, an electronics wholesale center in Shenzhen, was quarantined for 4 days. While all workplaces in the Huaqiangbei region were closed, employees began to work remotely.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic in Shenzhen, 24 subway stations were closed without specifying the duration as part of the fight against the epidemic.17 million people live in Shenzhen.


China has suffered heavy losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. China has begun to apply strict rules due to the loss of life, as well as the deterioration of the production and supply chain, which affects world trade.

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