The Woman Who Had Prince Harry’s First Sexual Experience Speaks

In Prince Harry’s bestselling book Spare, the woman he said had his first sexual experience and described as “older and more experienced” has emerged. “I’ve kept this a secret for 21 years,” the woman said, correcting Harry’s misspellings.

Stating that he left his royal duties with his wife Meghan Markle and moved to the USA and wanted to live out of sight, Prince Harry has been on the agenda with his book Spare, in which he has revealed royal secrets for a while. The biographical memoir, which hit the shelves on January 10 and sold more than a million copies in one day, provided ample material to generate news about Harry every day. Revealing the unknowns about the disagreements he had with his father and older brother, Harry also talked about an older woman with whom he had his first sexual experience, and became the subject of the news.

As a young boy, Prince Harry wrote of his experience with a woman he described as older and more experienced.

Everyone was curious about the woman who lost her virginity in the moment Harry described as “My first experience with love and sexuality”. While many names were put forward, it was tried to find connections between these names and Harry. In fact, one of the names that was put forward was Elizabeth Hurley, now 57 years old, model and actress who marked the 90s.


According to the latest news in the British press as of this morning, this mysterious woman has finally appeared. The woman, who made the statement to the Daily Mail newspaper, “Yes, that woman is me”, told that Harry lost his virginity as a result of his union with her. Surprisingly, the named woman was not, as expected, much older than Harry. Sasha Walpole, who was 19 in the summer of 2001, said they had a brief affair with the Prince. Prince Harry is currently 38 years old and Walpole is 40 years old.

Sasha Walpole explained that King Charles, who was then the Prince of Wales, was a caretaker responsible for the horses on his property in Gloucestershire, started working at the age of 17 and had a very happy time. Stating that he was friends with Prince William first and then with Harry, Walpole said, “The people at home were very nice to me, we would meet them all the time.”


Walpole said that when he was going to celebrate his 19th birthday in a nearby bar, Prince Harry, who was not yet 16 years old at that time, was among the guests, and when the two young people went out for a break, there was a togetherness. Although the prince says in his book that he was 17 when he experienced this, Walpole said he was only 16.

He is also only two years apart from Walpole, whom Harry refers to in his book as “He loves horses and is older and more experienced”. While Walpole could not make sense of why this definition was made, it is presumed that the book was intended to be given a ‘mysterious’ air in this way.


“I’ve kept this a secret for 21 years,” said Walpole. “I would never have said anything if he hadn’t put it in his book. I wanted to tell my story in my own words. So I decided to talk about the alleged affair.”

“I don’t mind Harry writing this embarrassing thing in his book. It wasn’t that worthy of glorification. We were drunk and making love on the lawn,” said Walpole, adding that he didn’t know the Prince was a virgin.

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