The Wi-Fi Era Comes to an End: Lightning-Speed ​​Internet Li-Fi Is Coming!

The Wi-Fi Era Comes to an End: Lightning-Speed ​​Internet Li-Fi Is Coming!

Li-Fi, which increases internet speeds to higher levels and transfers them with infrared rays, will soon be popular again.

Wi-Fi is apparently starting to go out of fashion. Faster and safer wireless connection with Li-Fi may be available soon.

The IEEE standards body responsible for Wi-Fi introduced the 802.11bb light communication standard for Li-Fi, which uses infrared light instead of wireless signals. Li-Fi provides speeds in excess of 1Gbps by offering light-based wireless optical connectivity that can be up to 100 times faster than Wi-Fi.

Li-Fi uses light signals to eliminate radio interference and has a standard that rivals the International Telecommunication Union’s G.9991 standard.

Li-Fi Could Soon Be The New Standard

Companies like Signify and pureLiFi have already developed products that meet these standards. PureLiFi’s Light Antenna One system, which meets 802.11bb standards, can be integrated into smartphones and can reach data rates as high as 1Gbps.

In addition, the high data rates of Li-Fi are ideal for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and gaming devices, while promising low latency.

All this is just the beginning for Li-Fi, and in a few years Wi-Fi could become the standard.

Speed ​​Internet Li-Fi

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