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The US Army Commander Pointed The Date: Robot Soldiers Are Coming To Existence

While robotic technologies continue to develop rapidly, their use in military fields has also become a matter of curiosity. According to US Chief of Staff Mark Milley, the world is experiencing a fundamental change in the “character of war”.

In 15 years there will be robot soldiers in armies

The US Chief of Staff made striking statements about the use of robot soldiers in armies. The general said that the change in the military field is driven by technology; He predicts that robots will be used more in armies, navies and air forces.

According to Milley’s statement, the nature of war is related to human dynamics and domestic relations. But the character of war encompasses elements such as tactics, weapons, technologies, organizations and management. That’s why the character of the war is changing day by day.

The ability to target targets with precision munitions has changed the way armies attack in recent years. At the same time, field scanning capabilities associated with modern technology played an important role. Milley especially emphasized the potential of robots and noted that they experimented with uncrewed ships and tanks.

The US Chief of Staff believes that important parts of the armies, navies and air forces will be robotic in the next 15 years. “The character of war often changes. “All of these technologies are converging at the same time, and they will all bear fruit in the next 10 or 15 years.”

Some robotic and unmanned systems, such as drones, already exist in the US military. For example, the US military and partner manufacturers are exploring robotic ground combat vehicles. US Navy officials, on the other hand, think that warships could soon be deployed autonomously and alongside other aircraft.


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