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The US Army announced that they had dropped an unidentified celestial body.

There was a new development after the USA hit an unidentified object over Alaska. Prime Minister Trudeau confirmed that another unidentified object had been dropped in North American airspace. It is not yet clear what this name is. Here is what is known about the first object…

An American fighter jet, acting on the orders of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, shot down another unidentified flying object on Saturday, the New York Times reported.

“I have ordered the shooting of an unidentified object that violates Canadian airspace,” Trudeau said on Twitter.

He said an American F-22 attached to the North American Aerospace Defense Command, operated jointly by the United States and Canada, “dropped the object over the Yukon.”

According to the statements, US and Canadian planes took off together for the object that violated Canadian airspace. Then an F-22 crashed into the object.

Officials said they have yet to determine what was dumped in the Yukon Territory, such as the object that Biden ordered to be dropped on Friday.

Trudeau said he spoke to Biden Saturday afternoon. “Canadian Forces will now recover and analyze the object’s wreckage,” he said in a Twitter post.


The question marks about the two objects, one of which was dropped on Alaska and the other on the Yukon, are not clear yet.

White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby said the US military had hit an “unidentified high-altitude object” over Alaska. The object fell on the frozen water. If the wreckage is found, it will be possible to determine what happened. The object is the size of a small car.

The first object hit was flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet and was traveling at around 20 to 40 miles per hour before being dropped, the Guardian reported. Officials say the object flew over parts of Alaska, but was heading towards the north pole before being brought down. American radars first detected the object’s presence at around 9:00 pm Alaska time on Thursday evening. A US warplane shot down on Friday.

Fox News reported on Saturday that a US official confirmed that the object went undetected until it entered American airspace.

Authorities said that the object hit in territorial waters was unmanned.

An official told ABC News that the object was “cylindrical and silvery gray” , giving it a “balloon-like” floating appearance without “any thrust.” Another official from the Department of Defense told the New York Times that the object disintegrated when it hit the frozen sea.


F-35 warplanes were sent for inspection after the object was first detected on Thursday, according to a US official, CNN reported. The US warplane made its first flight on Thursday night and the second on Friday morning. Both brought “limited” information about the object.

-According to CNN, the source said that the pilots gave different reports of what they observed. Some pilots said the object “interfered with their sensors” on the planes , but not all pilots reported experiencing it.

-Some pilots also claimed that they did not see any identifiable thrust on the object and could not explain how the object remained in the air despite cruising at an altitude of 40,000 feet.

– A source briefed on the matter said the Pentagon’s inability to fully explain what the object was was partly due to contradictory eyewitness statements.

The U.S. Northern Command said on Saturday that the commander had no new information to share about the object’s “capabilities, purpose or origin”, but noted that rescue efforts were affected by Arctic weather conditions “including cold wind, snow and limited daylight.” ”

Rescue operations for the object’s remains continued on Saturday in coordination with the FBI and local law enforcement, it said.

No visible link with the Chinese bubble

– Authorities have so far not shared any information that the object is related to the Chinese surveillance balloon, which was dropped last week and still has debris on the Atlantic Ocean floor.

– According to a US official, the object did not appear to have any surveillance equipment

The news about the first hit object that we reported this morning was as follows:

“I can confirm that the Department of Defense (Pentagon) has tracked a high-altitude object over Alaskan airspace in the past 24 hours, flying at 40,000 feet, and posing a reasonably threatening threat to the safety of civil aviation. On the Pentagon’s recommendation, I can confirm that the President (Joe ) Biden, as a precaution, ordered the military to shoot the object, and they did it.” said.

According to CNN’s report, fundamental questions about the object’s origin and functionality remain unanswered for now. According to a US official, the object did not appear to have any surveillance equipment. The object is not similar in size or shape to the Chinese high-altitude surveillance balloon that was dropped last week.

Kirby stated that the object, which was shot down and crashed by planes affiliated with the US Air Defense Command, is much smaller than the Chinese balloon that was dropped on the coast of South Carolina on February 4, and its useful load is not important.


The US does not refer to the high-altitude object dropped near Alaska as a balloon and has not attributed it to China or any other entity.

“We call it an object because that’s the best definition we have at the moment. We don’t know who it belongs to. We don’t know if it belongs to a government or companies or private sector,” the statement said.


“We don’t have any information to confirm a stated purpose for this object. We hope to be able to recover the wreckage as it fell in what we believe to be frozen water. So a rescue effort will be made and we hope it will be successful. Then we can learn a little more about it,” Kirbiy said. .


Kirby said the object was “much, much smaller” than the Chinese spy balloon suspected to have been dropped off the coast of the Carolinas on Saturday, describing it as “roughly the size of a small car”. The balloon, which was dropped last Saturday, was described by US officials as about the size of three buses.


The object dropped by the US on Friday was dropped on frozen water in the Arctic Ocean near the Canadian border, said John Kirby, the strategic communications coordinator for the US National Security Council.

According to Kirby, the object first came to the attention of the US government on Thursday evening.

The object was determined to be ‘unmanned’. “At the order to shoot, the pilots’ assessment was that it was unmanned,” Kirby said.

The object was later downed by an F-22 fighter jet from Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska, according to Pentagon Press Secretary Brig.


According to a US official, F-35 warplanes were sent for inspection after the object was first detected on Thursday. John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator for the National Security Council, said at a press conference at the White House that the object was flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet and “posed a reasonable threat to the safety of civilian flights.”

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