The Power Of 5g: Spain’s Driver Drives Germany’s Car

The Power Of 5g

A new technology was introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Spain. During the demonstration, a car in Germany was driven by a driver in Spain.

With the development of technology in recent years, many automakers have been collaborating with technology companies.

A new technology was introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

During the demonstration, a car from Germany was driven by a driver from Spain.

Remote Driving With 5G

This technology is the result of a long-standing innovation partnership between Ericsson and Deutsche Telekom, and is made possible thanks to 5G.

The companies have worked with Vay since October 2022 for this technology, called L4S.

Vay is known as the first company in Europe to drive on a public road without anyone in the car.

The company also plans to launch a sustainable, affordable, door-to-door mobility service with teledriven vehicles, starting in Germany.

Thomas Von Der Ohe, a senior executive at the German company, said they aim to help solve the traffic problem in big cities.

The technology used in this application, called L4S, ensures uninterrupted connectivity. If one mobile network fails, the other one takes over.

How Remote Driving Works

A customer gets into the vehicle and it is actually driven remotely by a professionally trained driver from a teledrive center.

As a result, the partnership between Ericsson, Deutsche Telekom and Vay is focused on further improving the quality and safety of L4S remote driving.

In the future, companies hope to further develop autonomous driving functions by adopting them.

This innovative concept demonstrates once again that the era of safe and secure remote driving in real time with the help of 5G connectivity has begun.

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