The Penalty for the Employment of Illegal Workers and the Legal Sanctions You May Encounter

In particular, they have operated without a work permit to foreigners in Turkey is guaranteed and personal insurance in this country. The citizens of the Republic of Turkey as well as the fight against uninsured for them to operate in Turkey, where the state has taken many measures. In particular, the Social Security Institution affiliated to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and inspectors of this institution are responsible for ensuring that the workplace is staffed in accordance with the law.

Penalty for Foreign Workers without Running Leakage and Insurance

According to the years of punishment applied by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to work places where foreign workers are working without permission. At the same time Ekte will see the punishments that are interrupted by foreigners.

(TL) 2017

For every foreigner who employs foreigners who do not have a working permit. 6.000 6.229 7.130
Working without permission is a punishment for interrupted foreigners working abroad. 2400 2.491 2.851
Independent working foreigner without permission 4.800 4.983 5.704
In addition to foreigners who work independently and indefinitely on leave, the employer who employs a foreigner who does not fulfill the notification obligation prescribed in his / her law shall be punished for each foreigner. 400 415 475

As can be seen, foreigners who work without a work permit and foreigners who work without a work permit are fined separately.

Money Penalty Exponentially Increase

According to Article 23 of the International Labor Law, the penalty to be applied in the case of the above-mentioned cases is implemented by increasing one time. In other words, foreign workers without work permits in 2018 in a company in Turkey, the Turkish lira in 2851 if it is determined the state pays the administrative penalty. This foreigner will be employed again in another place in 2018, and if this situation is found again, 5162 Turkish lira will have to pay fine.

Foreigners’ Non-Permitted Work Business Locations Will Be Close

In addition to these, administrative fines shall be imposed on the workplaces employing Turkish workers who are not insured by the Social Security Institution. The same penalty is imposed on non-working foreigners and non-insured Turkish citizens. The workplace of the self-employed foreigners without a work permit is closed by the regional directorate of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
Before starting the work of foreigners in a work or own businesses in Turkey, “the Law on Work Permits of Foreigners” work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security must take is essential.
Foreign nationals working with the permission of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security shall be deemed to be insured pursuant to Article 4 / a of Law No. 5510 and their employers shall be notified to SSI irrespective of their requests from the date they start working.

-Work Permit Unnecessary Foreigners and Work Places.

  • Foreigners who meet the following conditions and work places to employ them do not need to obtain work permits. Therefore, the foreigners mentioned and the places where they work do not receive any administrative fines.
  • Turkey is a party to bilateral or multilateral agreements are exempted from the work permit
  • bilateral or multilateral conventions to which Turkey is a party or to be carried out by a consortium in accordance with national, international projects to work in international organizations or foreigners
  • Turkey Football Federation of Youth and Sports General Directorate of demands or eligible foreign players, other athletes and coaches.
  • Permanent residence abroad; scientific, cultural and artistic activities to foreigners coming to Turkey temporarily for less than a month, foreign officials that could prove to be a maximum of 6 months in fairs and shows in circuses and other places in Turkey
  • According to the principle of reciprocity, foreign students who will do internship in private or public institutions and organizations, provided that they are limited to internship periods within the framework of student exchange programs


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