The new Tomb Raider game may be coming!

Tomb Raider’s updated website recommends users register on the site to receive ‘new important news’. Or?

Lara Croft, who we can call the sultan of hearts in the game world, has not had a new game for a long time. The last time we saw him was Shadof of the Tomb Raider in 2018. Now a new game may be coming according to new developments!

Rumor has it that “very important news” about the Tomb Raider series is on the way

A new update to the game’s official website invites players to sign up to be the first to hear about breaking news about the series, including rewards, specials, merchandise, releases and more.

The “releases” mentioned here mark the release of a new game, as you might guess. Matching the timing of the site’s sudden update with rumors that Crystal Dynamics is preparing to make a statement later this year, and given that the developer is gearing up to unveil a new game, it’s very likely that we’ll see a new Tomb Raider game.

The series was previously developed by Square Enix. Therefore, the community links of the game are always linked there. New developer Crystal Dynamics is also trying to cut that tie. There is very little time left for the Gamescom 2023 event, which will introduce the games that will be released in late 2023 and in 2024. It will even happen tomorrow. We are likely to see something about the new Tomb Raider game at this event.

But we should not rely on Gamescom, maybe we will only see an announcement with the name of the game, maybe we will not see anything. Where do you think Lara Croft’s adventures take place in a new game? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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