The New Target Of The Typhoon Missile Has Been Revealed! It may be a first in Turkey

The New Target Of The Typhoon Missile Has Been Revealed! It may be a first in Turkey

In the past weeks, Turkey’s domestic missile Typhoon Missile had successfully carried out test fires. While the range of the missile was announced as 561 km, Sadık Piyade, General Manager of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, made a statement that would excite everyone.
Infantry said, “We tried 561 kilometers with our weapon called Typhoon . I hope we will not be surprised if we see a thousand kilometers soon.” If this range target is realized, Typhoon will become Turkey’s longest-range missile.

Developed by ROKETSAN and being Turkey’s third ballistic missile system after “Lightning” and “Bora”, “Typhoon ” successfully passed the test fires. Sadık Piyade made important statements about the missile with a range of 561 km while meeting with high school students in the “TAF Defense Industry Promotion” program organized by the Taskopru Municipality Cultural Center.

Typhoon missile


Stating that the mission of the foundation is to increase the combat power of the Turkish Armed Forces, Piyade said that the TAFF includes ASELSAN, TUSAŞ, ROKETSAN, HAVELSAN, İŞBİR and ASPİLSAN companies. Stating that these companies are the flagships of the defense industry, Piyade said, “There is no product that we cannot produce when our nation wants. We have very serious studies in our air defense systems. We tried it with our weapon called 561 kilometers. Typhoon. I hope we will not be surprised if we see a thousand kilometers soon. Not only these, but also our companies with different surprises every day. We will follow the developments together,” he said.


Typhoon missile

Explaining that İŞBİR is a new company operating in Balıkesir and ASPİLSAN is a new company operating in Kayseri, Piyade said, “We had an İŞBİR company, but it was a small business. Now we have established a smart factory. In this factory, we will produce alternators as well as mass generator production. We will inaugurate this factory a month later. We are producing batteries in Europe and integrating them into the system. We are producing batteries in Europe. We will sell the cell of the battery to Europe. We will use it in all areas of kitchens, helicopters, ships, smart cities, as in all household appliances. We will use it in all areas soon. You will see and Turkish people will talk about it, your company,” he said.


Typhoon missile

Referring to the last point reached in the National Combat Aircraft, Infantry said, “Our National Combat Aircraft is a 5th generation aircraft. It will leave the hangar on March 18, 2023. We will remove it from the hangar before the interior design is made. It will enter the Armed Forces inventory a year later. However, Hurjet will close the gap in this process. Our ship will fly on March 18, 2023. Hurjet will fly with a Turkish engine.”

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