The New Paid Military Service Fee Has Been Determined!

The New Paid Military Service Fee Has Been Determined!

With the entry into January, the new fee of the paid military service, which was increased, was determined. Well, how much was the fee for the military service? Here are the curious details!

With a law that entered into force in 2019, the military service for pay became a preferable military service option for those who meet the necessary conditions in our country. The price of military service for private conscription, which increases significantly every year according to the minimum wage, was also determined after the new increase.

Paid Military Service Fee

Since it was unclear how the increase in civil servant salaries would be applied, there were concerns among young people planning to do military service. As we entered July, the amount of increase to be applied became clear. According to the news in Sabah, the new paid military service fee will be increased by 19.30%.

How Much is the 2024 New Paid Military Service Fee?

According to calculations, the price of military service is expected to increase from 182,608 TL to 217,870 TL as of July 2024. The final fee will be announced by the Ministry of National Defense.

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