The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Turkey in Autumn

The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Turkey in Autumn

Special routes for those who want to get away from the chaos of the city and embrace the warm colors of autumn by integrating with nature…

With autumn, the colors of nature change and take on the warmest shades of yellow and red. In this romantic season, your love for nature comes alive and you may want to hit the road to capture the colors that you usually cannot find in your daily routine in the cities.

For those who want to embrace the warm colors of autumn, we have compiled a list of places that offer the most beautiful shades of yellow and red.

Violet Plateau

Violet Plateau in Izmit has recently become a favorite for those who want to go trekking or camping. The hiking trail is located in Beştepeler Nature Park. Nature is so vibrant and beautiful in Menekşe Plateau that you may not only want to hike but also camp here.

Igneada Floodplain

İğneada Floodplain Forests Nature Park is located in Demirköy district of Kırklareli. This is an area where your lungs will feast with its abundant oxygenated air. Floodplain forests are a natural beauty that enchants camping enthusiasts, where silence is interrupted only by birdsong. Dupnisa Cave is also among the places to be seen in the floodplain forests region, where there are 5 different lakes, the most famous of which is Lake Mert.

Acarlar Floodplain

Acarlar Floodplain is located between Karasu and Kaynarca districts of Sakarya. This unique natural wonder, which is Turkey’s largest floodplain forest in one piece, has been declared a first degree natural protected area. Since the floodplain forests include the large Acarlar Lake, boat and water bike tours can be taken on the lake as long as the weather permits. The forest is home to a wide variety of animals such as pheasants, woodcock and wild ducks, while the lake is home to many fish such as catfish, rudd and carp.

The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Turkey in Autumn

Gokcetepe Nature Park

Gökçetepe Nature Park, which is located in Keşan district of Edirne, is an ideal place for those who want to relax in the fall, although it is very busy in terms of visitors in summer. Gökçetepe is ideal for visiting with family or friends as it has many alternatives for sportive activities such as trekking, paintball, zip line, survivor track. In the natural park, which is integrated with the sea, you can take long walks by breathing in the fragrant scent of the sea and trees, and spend a wonderful weekend where you can relax and refresh.


Kumbağ is a district of Tekirdağ. Built on the foothills of the Ganos Mountains, this region is famous for its fertile soil where fresh vegetables and fruits grow as well as fishing. Kumbağ offers a great opportunity for those who miss the quiet camping life with its lush nature and fragrant pine forests. In addition to visiting the old stone houses, historical stone winery and fairytale streets, you can also reach Çamlık Hill and watch the breathtaking view of Marmara Island.

Cumalikizik Village

Don’t think that you can only catch the warm colors of autumn in the mountains or forests. Bursa’s Cumalıkızık Village adds completely different colors to your life with its historical houses. Cumalıkızık, one of the villages located on the northern slopes of Uludağ and dating back to the Ottoman Empire, also harbors the ruins of the Byzantine period. You can visit old baths, mosques, mansions and fountains in the village where the historical texture is fully preserved, and wander the narrow streets and watch the beauty of the old buildings. You can buy seasonal jams from shops displaying cultural motifs and taste local delicacies in local restaurants.

Turkey in Autumn

The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Turkey in Autumn

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