The Jetsons Come True: Samsung to Launch Robot Maid!

The cartoon published as Jetsons is very close to being real. Samsung recently announced that they will be launching the EX1 maid robot this year in 2023.

Samsung Electronics has been watching the consumer-grade robotics market closely for some time, and at CES 2023, the company announced that they see this space as a new growth engine. As you may recall, a few years ago Samsung introduced its robot maid at another CES, and it seems that this time it’s coming true.

Samsung to Launch EX1 Robot This Year

Samsung introduced a maid robot called Bot Handy at CES 2021. This robot was a glimpse into the future and had not become a real product. However, Han Jong-hee, vice president and CEO of Samsung Electronics, said at a press conference in Las Vegas, “We plan to launch a human assistant robot called EX1 later this year.”

It is unclear whether the Bot Handy concept, which was introduced at CES 2021, will be real, but the robot introduced at that time could wash dishes and laundry, the owner could fill drinks and do other household chores. In short, the maid robot of the family in the Jetsons, whom we watched in our childhood, was doing what Rosie did.

Jong-hee did not share any details about the EX1 robot he mentioned. Therefore, we do not have a clear release date and price information. Samsung Electronics, on the other hand, now sees robots as a potential new source of revenue, and last year the firm upgraded its robot workforce to a higher level. In fact, a week ago, the company invested $47 million in Rainbow Robotics, which came to the fore with its industrial robots. Meanwhile, Samsung seems to have deleted Bot Handy’s promotional videos, but you can watch a different version below.

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